100 Majesties

This page contains the links and summaries of all the update relating to my casual 100 Baby Challenge, 100 Majesties. The links for the Sims I've put up for download relating to this challenge can also be found here.

Emmeline Majesty
Peter Majesty- Jelly Bean Ghost, son of Samuel Goth, Child # 3
Ella Majesty

The downloads for the children of this challenge will only be those who are requested. If you would like a particular child, please let me know as soon as possible and I will upload them for you.

Update #1- The challenge is started, and we are introduced to Emmeline Majesty. In her quest to have a sparkly fairy baby, she woohoos with a random fairy man. She then goes on to meet Pip Goodfellow. Her first son, Elwood, is born though he is not a fairy.

Update #2- Emmeline teaches Elwood his skills, and continues to sell flowers for money. Pip gives her a fairy daughter. Emmeline names her Adelaide. She meets some more men at the festival, and becomes pregnant with an older man's child.

Update #3- Having to start over due to a patch issue, Emmeline gives birth to a fairy Elwood and human Adelaide this time around. She also catches up and surpasses where she was before by then going on to give birth to a ghost baby whom she names Peter.

Update #4- Emmeline becomes quickly pregnant with an alien child since she knows she's very behind on the challenge. The makings of a large expansion to the house start taking place. Emmeline goes on to give birth to a son named Charlie on the day of the family's gift giving party. She sleeps with Tyler Nix the next day, but his transformation into a werewolf leaves the family a bit stinky.

Update #5- Charlie and Elwood have their birthdays, but poor Elwood's cake catches the house on fire. Triplets Ella, Edwin, and Kenneth are born. More birthdays are had while the household manages to cope with the chaos of there being so many children about.

Update #6- Emmeline stops being so picky about potential fathers. Things continue pretty normally in the household, and Adelaide, Peter, Ella, Edwin, Kenneth, and Charlie all have birthdays. Emmeline goes on to have another son whom she names Hershel.

Update #7- Another pregnancy in confirmed, and Hershel has his birthday soon afterwards. Elwood, Peter, Charlie, Ella, Edwin, and Kenneth all enjoy a fun day at the summer festival. Kenneth tries eating raw meat, Elwood and Peter bond,  and Charlie tests his alien powers. Emmeline gives birth to a human daughter, Elmira, and sleeps with vampire Dayvid Musgrave.

Update #8- Emmeline is able to confirm another pregnancy, and wonders if it will be her last. The older boys adore their younger siblings, but Edwin and Kenneth are more prone towards annoying Ella. Peter, Ella, Edwin, Kenneth, Hershel, and Elmira all have their birthdays. Elwood and Peter also moved out. Emmeline decides to have one more child, and becomes pregnant by Joe's older brother- Jules.

Update #9- Charlie and Estelle have birthdays. Ella makes a new friend, and Edwin and Kenneth prove to be totally unhelpful. A feast party is thrown, Emmeline gives birth to Eli, and two more birthdays are had in the the household.

Second Generation Takes Over

Update #10- The children enjoy a snow day. Emmeline and Estelle soon have birthdays, and the triplets' have their own not long afterwards. Emmeline, Edwin, Kenneth, Hershel, Elmira, Estelle, and Eli move out to give Ella the space she needs to begin the next generation. The house is also given a massive overhaul. Ella successfully becomes pregnant by Johnny Kinsey, but the good-looking man might not have the best morals.

Update #11- Ella officially becomes pregnant and throws a gift giving party the same day. The party isn't the greatest. While she originally desired to have multiples, Ella regrets her choice once she has triplets. Emberly, Rowan, and Hazel are born. Ella has to give up much of her sleep to keep the household in order. She eventually puts on a brave face and sleeps with another man to become pregnant again.

Update #12- Ella gives birth to Cedric. She tries to throw a birthday party for Emberly, Rowan, and Hazel, but her family does not want to cooperate. Ella has a bit of time off before she becomes pregnant again. It is good she got that time off for she goes on to give birth to triplets again!

Update #13- This time around, Ella doesn't have such a hard time dealing with triplets. She is even able to get pregnant while Madeline, Cecil, and Luther are still young. Waylon brings over his other children so that Cedric can get to know his siblings, and Ella eventually gives birth to a fairy girl named Lynette.

Update #14- Ella manages to finally sink her claws into Sage, who later decides to come back for a second course. After Lynette and Cedric's birthday, a baby girl named Gwendolyn is born. A large party is then thrown to celebrate Emberly, Rowan, and Hazel becoming Young Adults.

Update #15- Setting her sights on the last Sage triplet, Ella turns Malachite into a genie. The pairing produces a colorful daughter named Melinda. All the other children have birthdays, Ella contemplates finishing her child-bearing, and continues to consider Lynette her heir for the challenge.

Update #16- Throwing a gift giving party allows Ella to sink her claws into Tyrian Thistle. While she enjoys her last pregnancy, her daughters all age up. Elwood, however, has a rough time after he is found cheating on his girlfriend. Ella's last children are triplet boys- Isaiah, Errol, and Trevor.

Update #17- Despite all her experience, Ella sometimes struggles with raising the triplets. Thankfully, Lynette is pretty capable at helping. Gwendolyn and Melina enjoyed the festival, Ella has some days off from the kids, and more birthdays are had. Isaiah, Errol, and Trevor becoming children show that it is almost time for the next generation to begin.

Third Generation Takes Over

Update #18- A weird glitches leaves Lynette and Gwendolyn momentarily trapped who knows where. After they are recovered, Lynette has her birthday and the family moves to Starlight Shores in preparation for the next generation to begin. Lynette had slight difficulties finding a man she is attracted to, but her first time goes smoothly and results in exactly what she wants.

Update #19- Lynette spends a night on the town to expand her list of baby daddies, and the whole thing goes well. Melinda has her birthday, and Lynette discovers that she's pregnant during graduation. A baby boy named Tuckery is born, and Lynette soon tries for baby #2.

Update #20- The mascot interrupts the family's sleep, and Lynette's day keeps on that pace. Many birthdays are had, including Ella's elder one. Lynette gives birth to triplet girls right before Tuckery ages up into a child.

Update #21- Ella and the rest of Lynette's siblings move out of the house to make room for Lynette's future children. Lynette deals with raising toddlers, gives birth to a boy named Skylan, and discovers she is pregnant for the fourth time.

Update #22- Tuckery becomes Lynette's first child to reach adolescence while the triplets follow soon after.

Update #23- The teens in the house don't have a very successful afternoon outing. Lots of things break, and Lynette ponders her choices for the next father of her child.

Update #24- The fridge is stuffed full, Snowflake Day is celebrated, and Kylar's birthday doesn't go exactly as planned.

Update #25- The fairy children practice their powers. Lynette enjoys the spring festival and attends a party thrown by her siblings. A baby girl is born.

Update #26- Lots of birthdays occur as usual while Lynette begins another pregnancy that results in another daughter.

Update #27- Lynette shakes things up by purchasing a lot to fix up. She then struggles to find another man to father a child, but things work out and she gives birth two twin girls.

Update #28- A plethora of snow days prevent some of the children from making any progress in their schoolwork. At a holiday party, Lynette finds she has a strong attraction to a particular man.

Update #29- The children help Lynette spruce up their new park lot. Lynette has her final children, triplets with Homer, her new love interest.

Update #30- Things begin to wind down as children age and no more are born. Pranks are played, parties are thrown, and Lynette uses her fairy powers for justice.

Update #31- Lynette and Homer almost end up making another baby. Soon, all children but the triplets are gone, and with their birthday into Young Adulthood that means Genevieve takes over and a new generation begins.

Forth Generation Takes Over

Update #32- The new house in Monte Vista is spruced up, and things start off well with Genevieve's time with the first father, Pawel. A baby girl, Avalenia, is born.

Update #33- The next father spends some time with Genevieve, and Avalenia becomes a child. After giving birth to her first son, Genevieve wastes no time in conceiving again.

Update #34- Avalenia discovers the park is a good place to find some fun. Twin boys are born. Genevieve takes up a hobby- alchemy.

Update #35- The days are peaceful as the children grow, Genevieve makes good progress with her potions, and babies are born and conceived.

Update #36- Genevieve has her hands full when vampire triplets are born.

Update #37- Bored with the similar appearances of the living men in town, Genevieve stays up late night after night to meet a ghostly man instead. She finds one and gives birth to a son, although he does not inherit his father's supernatural status.

Update #38- Genevieve continues to be bored with the men in town. The triplets find some chaos in the graveyard catacombs.

Update #39- With herself getting older, Genevieve wonders how many more children she'll have. Theodore, Emmaleah, and Arlyle find love before moving out, and the last child of the generation is born.

Update #40- Genevieve spends some quality time with her children during her last days as an Adult. She grows older, and her children grow older.

Update #41- The household prepares for Genevieve's inevitable departure. She does indeed pass, leaving Ryleen, Serenada, and Rosette alone in the house and none of them being fully grown.

Fifth Generation Takes Over

Update #42- Genevieve's remains are placed to rest. Ryleen works through her grief to begin her task. One of her old classmates fathers her first child, a daughter named Norina.

Update #43- Ryleen finds that things aren't too difficult yet, but she knows that will soon change. A baby boy is born, and craziness does comes when triplet girls are born soon afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kelsey, would you be able to upload Eleme?

iKelsey said...

Eleme is going to be uploaded on Monday when she reaches her YA stage in my next TGO update. Is that alright? Would you like me to make a CC-free version of her too, or are you fine with CC?

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When is there going to be a new update on 100 Majesties?

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I can try to get one up soon. I have the pictures for a few updates, but I've just been so busy that I haven't been able to put the posts together.

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Haha, wow, I am quite far behind in updating this directory! I'll have to fix that soon.

Yes, there will be more 100 Majesties soon. It's the main thing I'm working on for the blog now since CMW is on hiatus, and since it's much easier to manage there will typically continue to be two updates of it a week like it has been in the past weeks since I started making it more consistent.

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When is there going to be a new update on 100 Majesties?

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Hoping the 100 Majesties file will come back when you get your new computer set up! :)

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