Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birthdays and Babies

I found myself going to the consignment store very frequently. I don't think one day passed without me making a trip there. I got to know the workers and other frequent shoppers well. I went so often because Navinai always begged me to take her. She knew she was looking for something very specific, but she didn't know what exactly it was. All she could tell me what that she would know it when she saw it. Well, she finally saw it. The object she had been searching out was a space rock that had been dropped off just that morning. Though it was a little expensive, Navinai eagerly used her savings to purchase it immediately.

While she was distracted making her purchase, I also might have been secretly buying another bottle of wine for myself. The store carries ones of surprisingly good quality.

We returned home, and Navinai took that rock back out right away. I took to watching her like a moth takes to a light. What appeared to be something like the same powers she used on me Navinai used on that rock. That large thing floated in the air easily as she did whatever she was doing to it. Her concentration was great. My mouth dropped when she was done. The rock had changed into a completely different mineral. I had never seen Anondil or Melui use their powers in such a manner. Now I wonder if Navinai is actually a daughter of that older brother race of aliens that dratted Ms. Vajjer told me about.

Navinai continued working on the rock all night. By the time she went to bed, it was a substance that was worth three times what she paid for the original space rock. I might have to find more rocks for her to transmute. She clearly enjoyed herself, and it seems like an easy way to make money.

I wasn't able to drink that wine for some time. It was disappointing, but I cheered up by reminding myself that wine always taste better the longer it's able to sit. The reason I cannot drink it is that I am pregnant with Mr. Clemens child. I feel such distance from him that I still refuse to call him by his first name though we have slept together. However, I don't have to worry about him so much at the moment. He has been incredibly distant ever since that night. It only confirms it to me that he only wanted that pleasurable moment, and now he has lost interest.

Calun, despite still being a sort of hermit, has at least become more helpful and active around the house. I think he's finally gotten bored of watching television and reading all the time. He'll do a bunch of chores without me even having to ask. I know I should still be encouraging him to try to do a little more outside of our home, but he's currently being the easy-to-take-care-of and supportive child many parents dream of. I'm currently rewarding his behavior with those wraps he loves so much, and it seems that's all the encouragement he needs.

I truly do not want to make it feel as if Navinai is more important to me than my other children, but I have to admit her birthday this time around was considerably more special than most birthdays have been. It's incredible when I think of the difference between the past and present. I had wanted to get rid of Navinai- even if it was only for a brief minute. Now she has become a lovely young woman I can't imagine not having in my life. She was worth the tough times. I continue to hate what the aliens did to me, but I am forever grateful that they gave me this daughter. It was so very hard to let her leave, but she had to leave at some point. Interestingly enough, Navinai moved into the house next to the tiny one that had been ours after she secured a job at the local business company.

She came back around to visit soon enough though. A couple other of my children also came with her to help celebrate Ithilas' birthday. He has only gotten cuter as he has aged even if he hates it when I call him cute. I make sure to only say it in my head now. He really is though. It was the lone thing I could think when I watched him carve his jack-o-lantern.

He was carving a jack-o-lantern because it was Spooky Day. The other children who couldn't make it for Ithilas' birthday celebration came later for the feast party we threw. There was all sorts of food. We had things like the fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches Linnatiel brought to the fancy lobster Arnin cooked herself. I was once again glad I was pregnant during such a time. I ate until I was stuffed, but before long I was plenty hungry again.

Besides my older children, I also invited over as many of the children's fathers as we could fit. For whatever reason, Alphonso chose to bring Ricochet along with him despite our small yard. I was happy in the end that he did though. Ithilas was so excited for his first chance to ride a horse. However, he pouted for a while since Lithaldoren was hogging hid old friend. Alphonso finally was able to place his son into the saddle after some time. It was only after the party when I realized to give Ithilas that chance was most likely why the horse had been brought. Calun was scared of Ricochet at first, but it was clear he wanted to ride him too. He seemed to find his courage after Ithilas sat on him without consequence. Alphonso placed Calun behind his brother before leading the merry two as best he could around in our small yard.

I was ecstatic when I got to hold a daughter in my arms after an annoyingly long labor. I wondered why she appeared to have such trouble coming out despite her being so small. Holding her tight as I recovered, I thought about just how much this household needed more girls in it. Griselda is a dear, of course, but I'm a little selfish. I wanted an adorable baby girl to cuddle. And Eleme is just that. I chose to give her that name for it is sweet and pretty like she is.

When I was rested enough to stand and walk, I went to put Eleme down to sleep in the nursery. It was seconds later when Griselda ran by with haste into my bathroom. I heard the unmistakeable sound of her losing her lunch.

I think it is now a good idea to hold off having another child of my own for a little while.

Though Mr. Clemens had been so distant during my pregnancy, it was only natural that I still gave him the courtesy of calling him to let him know his daughter had been born. I never would have called him if I would have had an idea of what was going to go down. It was such an unexpected thing that I never imagined occurring.

Mr. Clemens, surprisingly, came over right away. As soon as he saw Eleme he looked confused. He asked me why she wasn't ready yet. Wasn't ready? What on earth did he mean? Why wasn't she ready to leave, is the clarification I was given. Eleme was going to live with him after all. I stood there in shock for a second. I didn't know what to say. How could Mr. Clemens ignore me so much these past months, but think he would be the guardian for our child? I seriously did not understand what was going on in his mind.

I tried my best to be polite and calm. I told him he never mentioned anything about him wanting Eleme to live with him. He said it should have been obvious. Not really, I replied. I asked him how he was going to take care of her. Did he even have a crib or any supplies ready? Mr. Clemens had just assumed he would take one of my cribs and everything else that he needed. Absolutely not. He was not taking a crib. He was not taking Eleme. She was going to stay here with me. That set Mr. Clemens off. Her began very angrily and very loudly accusing me of keeping him from his child.

I continued to keep my own voice quiet despite my quickly growing frustration. Eleme was right behind me sleeping. How could Mr. Clemens think he was the one to care for her properly when he showed such behavior in front of a newborn barely more than an hour old? I made sure he knew he was being astoundingly ridiculous. I was not keeping his daughter from him at all. He was more than welcome to come visit Eleme whenever he wanted. By keeping her with me I was trying to do what is best for her as I should, and I strongly felt that keeping her with me was more appropriate. He didn't even have a job.

Mr. Clemens was not happy at all with the way things were turning out. He did say, however, that he would allow her to be kept here for now since I was being so pushy. He would let the matter drop. I really did almost hit him then, but Mr. Clemens thankfully decided to leave.

He slammed the door when he left though, which caused Eleme to wake up. She only cried a little. I was quick to comfort her. It rapidly occurred to me there was not any Goddess intervention with Mr. Clemens. The lack of other men was merely just a lack, and that Mr. Clemens is too forceful for his own good. It was all a coincidence and one impossible to deal with man. I do not regret having Eleme, but I am sorry for who her father has to be. 

I didn't have time to be upset for too long. The weeks passed by rapidly, and we all looked forward to Galir's birthday. Though he has his grandmother's eyes, he looks much more like Sind and Griselda overall. He's a good combination of both of them, but he has a nose exactly like Sind's.

He and Ithilas get along very well. I look at them and I sometimes forget they are not brothers. With Galir starting school, there has been some confusion there as to their relationship there too. Several of the other children have refused to believe that they are uncle and nephew. It doesn't help also that they look similar enough and have the same last name.

After all these years, Sind has finally taken a long break from painting. His current hobby is now practicing the guitar at all hours of the day. He pretty much only stops when Eleme falls asleep. When I asked he admitted the guitar was always something he wanted to learn. We no longer have to worry about money anymore, and Sind stopped feeling guilty. He was able to free himself away from what felt like his responsibility to constantly bring in more.

Sind and Griselda babysat Eleme for me so I could go visit Lomenia. They said they would like to do so more often so that I can relax better, but I have just been worried that as soon as I slack off Mr. Clemens will demand to take Eleme again. I really wanted to check on Lomenia though. She's coming along quite far with her desire to have a big family. Her first pregnancy resulted in triplets. What is it with my daughters having triplets for their first children? I suppose it does make more sense for Lomenia since she is a triplet herself. I find it amusing that she also had two daughters and one son. Now that she is pregnant again, Lomenia revealed this time she will be having twins.

I don't envy her. Lomenia seems to be thoroughly enjoying every moment of her life though.

I already knew it, but Griselda also came to me to reveal her pregnancy. The house is becoming a little crowded again, but I love having Galir around so I know without a doubt I'll love having this child around too. It makes it that much easier to spoil my grandchildren as well. Though this baby coming does indeed make it so that I will have to hold off having another child of my own for some time......


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