Wednesday, December 19, 2012


A holiday known as Snowflake Day has arrived. More importantly than that, it is also Aravilui, Arluwen, and Amadrie's birthday. While the girls originally wanted to throw a big party, they changed their minds at the last second. We had a quiet celebration in the morning so we could spend the day together before they finally left. When I saw how beautiful and intelligent they all turned out to be, I became so glad. Having three children to look after all at once is certainly one of the most difficult things I have ever done. Honestly, when they were first born I thought everything was going to get so much worse. Despite the troubles, I am forever grateful for these daughters and wouldn't change a thing.

We talked about their plans. Of course, they had found a house that the three of them would share until their lives took them in separate directions. Aravilui wants to be a famous music composer,  Arluwen a firefighter, and Amadrie a scientist. When I took a picture of the three of them posing, Elerith joked that they should all become models instead.

Since there was a large snowstorm, we spent the day playing outside. By the time the day was coming to an end, the entire yard was full of various structures. The triplets and Elerith wanted to keep playing, but I knew the girls could delay their leaving no longer. I helped them finish packing their things. Some of their friends came in their cars to move everything to their new place. I've kept reminding myself not to be surprised at how quiet the house would be once they left, but the quiet was much more intense than I ever imagined. In this big house, their presence is missed greatly.

I've begun to notice that each time my children leave to start their own lives, I am shown just how much time has passed since this all began. Sadly, I see that my thoughts of home are dwindling. My memories reaches back centuries, but I'm already forgetting the feeling of home. I'm even starting to forget the sound of my family's voices.

With the triplets leaving and those realizations entering my mind, I've started to grow a bit depressed again. In order to created a distraction, I invited over Mr. Jermaine Tomlin. He had brought my mail for some time, although he has since switched jobs. I knew he was single before, and was pleased to find out he still was now. We spent a couple hours talking and improving our relationship before we went ahead and spent the night together.

The signs of pregnancy have come on much faster this time around. Despite my intense love for my daughters, I do so hope that I'll have a boy. It's hard waiting sometimes until the baby is born. I thought that was the only way of knowing. That is, until I gave Ureliel a call to tell her the news. She told me if I wanted that I could come down to the hospital. There was technology there that could determine the baby's gender while it was still in the womb.

I didn't know what to do. I don't like all the complicated technology surrounding pregnancies here, and the thought of using it on my body frightens me. Ureliel reassured me that the procedure was very simple and safe. All she had to do was place some gel and a tool called a transducer on my stomach, and a picture of the baby would show up on a monitor. Although still hesitant, I trust Ureliel. My desire to know outweighs my fears. I took Nadrien to the hospital with me after Elerith left for school.

As Ureliel told me, the produce was nothing, even compared to my standards. Nadrien and I were leaving when we ran into Elerith. I had forgotten her class at school was taking a field trip to the science center in the other half of the building. I didn't even have to wait till got home to tell her the news. I was indeed having a baby boy!

I've gotten more accustomed to the quiet and laid-back atmosphere over the past couple weeks. Things have gotten a bit louder now that Nadrien had her birthday and is a child as well. When she first grew up, I made a comment about how much she looked like her father. I forgot how much such a comment like that would set off so many questions. Having never heard of her father before, Nadrien was quite curious to know more about him. Of course, she wanted to meet him as well.

It was so hard to tell her that he had died without even knowing I was pregnant with her. She was disappointed and sad for a couple hours. Elerith did her best to cheer up by starting a pillow fight. That seemed to shake Nadrien out of her gloom for the moment, but I know this matter will pop up again sometime soon.

I enjoy the time when all the children are at school and I am free to head to the festival. It still snows every now and then, but for the most part spring has arrived in full force. I had no idea how much emphasis romantic love was placed on the spring season here. I feel as if I am being mocked sometimes. I did my best to ignore all the couples around.

There was a machine placed that supposedly rates how attractive a person is. Curious, I tried it. It told me I was normal. It was a bit disheartening, yet I know better than to take such a machine so seriously. This task has all but killed my self-confidence at points, but I won't be modest enough to deny that I am simply normal. I know that I am rather beautiful.

It was all too exciting when I ran into Arluwen. She told me she was still in her uniform since she was only on break from work. She introduced me to the game of horseshoes. Arluwen wasn't very good, but I can't say anything. I am not good at it either. I had to turn around and give Arluwen that disapproving motherly look. She knew very well that I could hear her giggling behind my back at my terrible throw. She denied it of course, but we both knew she was lying.

The cheerful mood was dampened when I suddenly went into labor. I was keeping my composure as much as I could, but the others around me were making such a fuss without any restraint or shame. It was annoying. What was even more annoying was that they forced Arluwen to take me to the hospital against my will. We both protested, but they were all persistent. Arluwen had to go back to work as soon as we reached the hospital, but thankfully Ureliel was working this day.

Since she knew how much I hated the thought of delivering a baby with all that technology around, she took me to a more basic room when she helped me deliver my baby boy. It was similar to the time she helped deliver the triplets, only a lot less painful. When I finally held my new son in my arms, I decided to name him Threlad.

It was after dinner time when the two of us returned home. Elerith and Nadrien had already done their homework and gotten something to eat. They were so excited to meet their new brother. I let them watch over him in his crib while I got something to eat and took a shower. The girls went off to bed. Unfortunately, Threlad became fussy just as I was about to lay down. By the time he calmed down, it was late at night.

I wanted to cry when a knock came on the door just as I lay down once more. I didn't know who it could be at this hour. If it wasn't one of my children, then they would be getting a quick send-off. I would be stunned absolutely speechless when I saw who it really was.

I couldn't believe that Eloril, my brother, was standing right outside my door.....


Anonymous said...

Woah! What is he doing here???!!?! By the way, the triplets are gorgeous, I'm gonna miss them. Poor Nadrien..not knowing her father and her father not even knowing about her either. :(

Julie said...

Aww I wander why her brother has turned up?

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