Monday, December 10, 2012

Dream House

It certainly is nice to hold a young child again. It already seems like an eternity since Aravilui, Arluwen, and Amadrie were toddlers. Of course, my children have no choice but to let me hold onto them every once and a while. Still, it's not the same. Even though my greatest dream is to return home, I now look forward to my children being born. Bearing them might the reason why I'm here in the first place, but they're also what makes it possible for life here to be enjoyable.

Lothi is inching closer and closer to becoming a teenager, and the triplets won't be that much further behind. I should have already become pregnant again, but reality isn't that simple. I want my children to have a house they can like being in. At this point, there's no way for that to happen. There's not enough space. Truthfully, I could fit a crib for another child. What good would that do though? Forcing my children to live in such close conditions so I can leave this place and all memories of it behind is heartless. Even if it sets me back a little bit, I don't want to have another child until I can afford a larger house.

I've begun to paint again. Although I like writing more, my novels don't bring in as much money at this point as my paintings do. I'll do whatever I can to make more of a profit. My children saw my sudden determination, and asked what had come over me. I told them I was working so hard so we could have a bigger house.

Of course, they got so excited at that idea. They told me they would do what they could to help. I'm not the only one who is desperate to get out of here. Sildor helps by repairing and improving our mechanical objects so I no longer have to pay someone to come and fix them. The girls go down to the local garden to pick the wild fruits and vegetables. Then they sell their collection to people on the street or at the local market building. Their efforts only bring in a little bit more money, but that little bit will eventually become a large bit.

One night, Sildor went on an outing with a girl named Suzette Pinkerton. I haven't met her yet, but I hope if Sildor feels anything serious towards her that he will introduce us soon. Unfortunately, he came back feeling rather sick. Sildor had let himself get wet in the rain. I told him to get right into bed, and he didn't have a single complain with that. I've never been sick myself, besides the nausea that come with being pregnant, and I've never cared for someone who is sick. I know Ureliel is only a phone call away, but I fear I have no way of telling how severe the conditions might be. It's possible I might react too late.

The next day was apparently a holiday called Leisure Day. All businesses and schools shut down so everyone can enjoy themselves at the festival. It had been raining that morning, but it cleared up after breakfast. The girls were so excited for the festival. I was hesitant to let Sildor come along. The last thing I wanted was for him to become even more ill. He assured me he felt much better after sleeping for so long. I allowed him to join us, but I knew I had to keep an eye on him.

Of course, I am aware that having an appetite is a sign of good health. Sildor and Lothi took on a couple others in another eating contest. Sildor scared me once again with the rate he shoved that food down his throat. However, if he can handle that it means I can worry a little less about him becoming more sick. Aravilui, Arluwen, and Amadrie headed right for the roller rink again. Somehow, they convinced me to join them. I am used to skating on ice, but this was such a new experience for me. It was a bit embarrassing to see my daughters speed past me. At least I did not fall down.

We spent most of the day at the festival. When we returned home, my children pretty much collapsed with exhaustion. They had all played themselves tired. I let them rest while I made another trip over to Elrun and Ureliel's house. Forrest and Amelia have now become toddlers. Amelia looks so much like Benjamin, while Forrest actually looks so much like me. He has my hair and eyes, but like Aravilui, lacks my ears. It fills me with happiness to see that all four of them are doing so well.

However, it's also strange to finally see the true purpose of this task taking root. The reason for all the suffering and joy I have gone through is so that my blood and the blood of my children will spread. Although the elf blood will eventually become more and more diluted, it will reach far. It will spread through hundreds of generations. It will probably even mix back together at some point. If everything goes as it should, the doomed fate of the human race should change. I guess it is exciting in some way to be the catalyst for such a world altering event.

Most of the time I'm too busy to focus on the big picture slowly unfolding. Lothirien's birthday came. Considering how awful I felt the last time her birthday came around, this one was special to me. Now that she's a happy and beautiful young lady, I can finally feel comforted that I did not unintentionally make her suffer. Her childhood might not have been perfect. She might have regretted not leaving with Charlie at some points. Yet here we are though on a night that has been so calm and joyous.

There was actually something about that night that made me feel as if everything was going to work out. Inspired to go on the internet, something I rarely do, I quickly found some sort of competition for a "Dream House". I asked Sildor and Lothi if what I was seeing was true. Was there really a contest whose prize was an entire house? They told me it was true. We would have to pay bills like normal, but would have to pay nothing for the house itself. Realizing I was being guided, I entered the contest. It was incredible timing because the entry for deadlines was minutes after I submitted my information.

It wasn't even ten minutes later when were received a phone call. Out of all the people who participated, my last minute request had been the one that was chosen. I was now the owner of a two-story, five bedroom house worth quadruple the amount I currently own. Needless to say, we were all shocked. I quickly sorted out the details with the man on the phone. He told us we were free to move in at our earliest convenience. Since our current house contained so little, the children and I decided to move in that night. It turned out to be quite a job, but we managed to get settled into our new home before the clock showed the arrival of the next day.

The difference really is astounding. I feel as if I'm dreaming.

I really thought I was dreaming just as I was about to go to bed. I noticed some strange lights coming from the back yard. A strange flying vehicle was hovering in the air, and Lothirien was being pulled into it by the vehicle's pillar of light. Before I could even utter a cry, both she and the vehicle had vanished.

I panicked.

I paced around outside for minutes trying to figure out what to do. Eventually, I called Elrun and told him what happened. He told me something that I have to keep secret no matter what. Recently, the military has been having issues with beings from other planets taking the people of this world. If I wasn't speaking to Elrun, I would have thought the words were sheer craziness. Beings from other planets?! Elrun called them aliens.

He told me to go inside, and he would see what he could do. I waited in a horrified silence. The clock never moved slower. An hour passed, and I noticed the lights once more. Elrun had forbade me from leaving the house, but I couldn't stop myself. The lights were gone before I could exit the door, but miraculously Lothi was returned. She sat on the ground in a daze. I brought her inside, and called Elrun to let him know. He assured me he was going to continue on working to see who was causing so many problems.

Lothi could remember nothing after she was taken, but was still very shaken up. She had just aged up and had already experienced something so terrifying. She stayed with me that night. Thankfully, she calmed down considerably by the next morning.

I think being in the new house had something to do with it. Aravilui, Arluwen, and Amadrie keep running around overjoyed by how much space there is. We had a wonderful big breakfast that morning. It sure is nice to move around without having to worry about bumping into everyone else.

When the children headed to school, I headed out to meet men. Now that I have been amazingly blessed with a beautiful house, I no longer have any excuses to delay the task. I think that's why the Goddess planted that feeling within me. She understands my struggles, but is not infinitely patient. Although I might think I have full control over the choices I make, the Goddess is always there to lay before me whatever she sees fit.

I went to the horse park again. I had tried a few other places, but it's hard to meet many people during the times when most people are working. Thankfully, I met a man named Cruz Sherrill. We talked for a long while before I invited him back to the house.

I must admit I felt a bit rusty, but before too long we were getting to know each other much better......


Julie said...

She's lucky - two lottery wins now a house - the godess is really helping her out isn't she!!

Sims3fan said...

hmm, I wonder if Lothi(i think thats how its spelt) is pregnant with alien babies...

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