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My Jack-o-Lantern

I didn't have much time or the proper resources to craft a very fancy jack-o-lantern, but this was the first time I've done this in years so I'm still happy with my little basic pumpkin (^^)

A (Not So Good) Attempt at Jolly Rancher Candy Apple Pops

Perhaps sometime on your time on the internet, you've come across this picture:

It claims to be a candy apple made with Jolly Ranchers, and the starry effect is achieved with the addition of edible glitter. Even though I am a total candy making newb, I decided to see if I could somehow replicate this for a fun fall/Halloween activity. I already knew before I started that the likelihood of me producing anything like the picture above was incredibly low, so the fact that my result ended up being what it was didn't bother me all that much.

Gen Two- Chapter Four

It had been hard to break out of my melancholy mood, but the challenge I was facing was finally beginning to surge some energy through me. My glazed over expression instead narrowed in determination as I had to now pay attention if I didn't want to get absolutely pummeled. I hadn't even noticed how far ahead in points Rosemary had gotten, or that she was now duking it out with Malachite for first place.

     "You're finally starting to learn." Malachite teased as he only just avoided letting Rosemary total his car with hers.
     "And soon you're not even going to have time to trash talk." she warned competitively.

Malachite simply shrugged and continued speeding along, but there was loud shouting and cursing on his part and raucous cheering on Rosemary's part when her car once again came out of nowhere to successfully annihilate Malachite's car off the track this time around.

     "Are you sure you don't want to pick a different place to read?" I asked the question to one of the others sitting on the other couch.

Gen Two- Chapter Three

It took several days for me to learn just how horrible that first one was.

It was concerning at the beginning, of course, when dad didn't come home, but only time could show us just how serious the situation was. I woke up that Sunday morning expecting that dad had been found safe and sound while I slept. Though doubt and dark thoughts whispered the crueler truth to me, I wasn't prepared to find out that reality had only grown more dire. To be honest, it wasn't just the fact that dad went missing that made those days heartbreaking. The worst part was that he had been there for the majority of that Saturday. Dad had been right in front of me. We had talked as we always did, we goofed around like usual, and I took him for granted like I done each and every day of my life. I hadn't taken one second to say goodbye before he left. It had been a while since I had even hugged him or done anything to let him know I appreciated him. Dad had walked out the door, and in that moment he transformed from a person I knew into a mere memory of a person I had known.

I woke up early, and I left my bed eagerly. I wanted to see what dad had done that caused him to be so late. I wanted to joke around with him again, and I wanted to tease an extra ice cream cup out of him for making me worry. However, what I got instead was a series of unfamiliar voices quietly wafting up from downstairs. I could tell by the way they were talking that the discussion wasn't a cheerful one.

TGO's Third Anniversary!

It's October 16th, which means it's the anniversary date for The Goddess' Order! Three years ago was when the story began, and I can't believe it's already been so long. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to have an extra little story ready for today, but you can count on it being out soon! I'll also give you a preview picture:

In addition to this new extra chapter, I am hoping I might be able to pick up the revision project I started to bring those older chapters up to speed as well. We will have to see about that one though, as NaNoWriMo is right around the corner (yikes!).

I just want to take this moment to thank everyone who has read The Goddess' Order, especially those who have stuck through it with me to reach the point we're at now. I truly appreciate it!


Gen Two- Chapter Two

The two of them had no idea what was coming for them. They had seen me enter the pool area, but they were so engaged in their swimming and casual chatting that they didn't notice me subtly sneaking over to the diving board. I wasn't a diver by any means. I rather sucked, in fact. What I did excel in, however, was making the biggest splashes in the whole family, which I thought was impressive given how relatively small I was compared to everyone else. I watched in enjoyment when they heard the bounce of the board, their heads whipped in my direction, and another annoyed call of my name echoed out. Unfortunately for them, it was too late. I was already sky-high. The two girls in the water barely had time to clear out of the way before I sent cascading surges of water drenching over them.

CYWS 2008-2009 Concert Season Recording | Tracks 1-5

Here's a little something I bet most of you don't know about me. I started playing the trumpet in 5th grade, and I switched to playing the euphonium (it can also be known as a baritone) in middle school. 

They look like this. They're basically small tubas.
Band was my main activity throughout my school years, and, I must say, I was pretty darn good. During my junior and senior years, I participated in a group known as the Cleveland Youth Wind Symphony. You can read a bit more in depth about it on its Wikipedia page, but it is essentially an elite level symphony group composed solely of high schoolers. I was placed into Group II both times, and I had a blast. I remembered recently that I had recordings from the two fall concert seasons, and I thought sharing these recordings would be an interesting and fun thing to do as well as a good change of pace for the blog.

A Few Notes About CMW G2 (Small Spoilers)

I just wanted to mention a few tiny things now that Chapter One for 2nd Gen has finally come out. It's not anything super big, but I would recommend you read the chapter first to avoid having some of the mystery of the new characters spoiled for you.

1) Cerise's name is French for cherry. Thus, the C is soft. Essentially, Cerise=Sherise and Ceri=Sheri
2) Prism's nickname of Pris is pronounced Priz, not Priss. And, yes, he came out white on his own.
3) The outfits for all the characters are now static. It was too much chaos changing everyone's outfits for every chapter in Gen 1. While I do like the extra touch of the variation in wardrobes, I need to retain my sanity for writing instead XD

Aaaand, that's all! Hope you enjoy Chapter One!

Gen Two- Chapter One

No life can be perfect.

I know that now. I know it very well. The agonizing heartbreak and sense of loss I face everyday refuses to let me forget just how greatly my life has changed from those early days. Back then, I did believe my life was perfect. I suppose it was ideal in a way, but there was no way for it to remain like that for eternity. I cry sometimes when I think about the better half of my childhood. Those days feel more like an illusion and hopeful wishing spurred on by the cruelty of a tragic event I can no longer change than a reality that had once been. I wish more than anything to return to that time. Return to it, and prevent everything bad that has happened from happening.

Starting with the day that triggered it all and destroyed my world of perfection.