Monday, November 25, 2013


It might have been raining, but I ignored the weather and took Sind with me across the street to Maywood Glen. I had just been in the house for so long that I had to get out despite the water falling from the sky. I have to admit that it isn't for legitimate reasons that I haven't really left the yard, but that I've been hiding myself. I don't want anyone to ask me questions about this pregnancy. It is not as if I can lie. The truth will be revealed when this child is born, but what sane person will not think me crazy when I do tell the truth? I chose to go to the Glen when it was raining to avoid people, and thus avoid the questions.

Thankfully, the rain truly was light. It was also warm and felt good as it dripped onto ours heads. Sind was having the time of his life playing in the small puddles. I picked the wild fruits and vegetables while he was preoccupied. That helped me to spend less time in the grocery store afterwards getting the rest of what our fridge needed. It was very lucky that no one else was at the store save for a grumpy cashier who had no desire to talk. Sind and I returned home without problem.

In terms of bad news, an illness was passed around in our household recently. It started when Linnatiel came down with the sniffles. She got lucky. The illness passed to Renia, and became a full blown cold. I would have had to call her off from school if it hadn't been the weekend. Renia was upset since she had to miss a lot of fun things that happened. She at least suffered through the cold with Rorion, whom she passed it to as well. A lot of soup was made over those two days.

I didn't want to miss out on the warm summer air, but my fears about too many questions asked continued to make it difficult for me to go out. I instead spent much of my time out in the yard meditating, reading, or watching the children as they swam in the pool. It was very early in the morning of the day before Leisure Day when the labor started. I had no idea what to expect. Ms. Vajjer had not told me if there was any differences between my normal labors and this labor. What if it was painful beyond what I could handle? 

That dratted Rorion thought it would be funny to tell me of a movie he saw where the alien baby was born by ripping its way out through the mother's stomach. It was that thought alone that nearly scared me to the hospital. All the questions the hospital staff would ask me and what they might possibly do to the child scared me much more strongly though, and so I remained at home.

In the end, I worried and fretted so much for nothing. I believed at first it was my exhaustion messing with my sight, but I was stunned when I realized the truth that my new daughter Melui didn't look as much like an alien as I had anticipated. She has my skin and fair hair instead of green skin and hair. While she will most likely inherit more of her father's traits as she grows, her looking more like a being of this world will certainly help her to fit in better.

I'm sure the aliens watching me from above are both greatly curious and a bit confused as I am. 

As if Melui's birth wasn't wonderful enough, several weeks later I won a free two-day vacation just for myself. I felt bad leaving Melui behind so soon after her birth, but I knew she and Sind would be in good hands. Linnatiel, Rorion, and Renia are responsible. There is also all my older children living in town who are able to help out. In the end, I accepted the vacation and left without feeling too anxious......


Nana definitely should have been more anxious about leaving. I don't mean because Sind and Melui won't be taken care of well, they will be, but because Rorion instantly pulled out his phone to start letting a bunch of people from school know there was going to be a party at our house tonight. He has always been so calm and rational I wouldn't have thought he would do something like this. However, nearly every teen in town was invited. It was our cousins Rorion didn't invite. I think he thought they would rat on us.

As surprised as I was from Rorion's actions, I didn't have any objections to having the party. Unless we got in trouble. Then it would be all his fault.

Taking care of our young siblings was easy enough during the day, but I was worried what would happen during the party. Melui is still a newborn. Having a loud party when she's already fussy enough during the night didn't seem like a good idea. Thankfully, Analinde agreed to watch her and Sind for us that night. I naturally didn't tell her about the party though.

I didn't realize just how many people Rorion actually invited until they all started coming. It was rather disappointing that so many of them were girls, and it was really surprising Rorion knew most of them pretty well too. Looks like he has been being a charmer behind my back. Really. You think you know a guy...

Rorion ordered three large pizzas, which lasted all of three seconds. The only reason I even managed to grab a slice was because I ended up being the one bringing them in. Rorion was too busy dancing with one the girls. I didn't know the names of too many of them. When the pizza disappeared I had no choice but to pull out the leftover chili. Nana makes it especially for me since I'm the only on in the house who likes it, but the other teens gobbled it up. I'll just have to tell nana I got really hungry when she was gone.

I think we lucked out. The lights next door were off the whole night. It seems like our neighbors were out. I'm sure there would have been some trouble otherwise. There was so much noise- I could feel the music reverberating in my chest every time I walked into the living room. It was very energizing though. Rorion and I had both made sure we slept a lot during the day so we could have lots of energy to deal with anything bad that might happen.

And unfortunately, some stuff did go down. I think their names are William and Lulu. Who names their kid Lulu? Well, my name isn't that ordinary either so I suppose I can't talk. Anyway, I saw them sneak off together. They just had to go into nana's room too. I was too nervous to break them up though. I did not want to walk in on anything going on in there. No thank you. If Lulu wants to get knocked up that's no business of mine.

I made sure to stay far away from that side of the house while I finally found a free guy and got some dancing in. It was only after a long while when I realized I hadn't seen Rorion in some time. He appeared a couple minutes later telling me he had been downstairs playing darts. I believed him, but then again, I also didn't believe him. He had thrown this party. Clearly I don't quite know what he's capable of doing. I can only hope he hasn't gotten himself too over his head if anything did happen.

The craziness got worse and worse. I heard William and Lulu were practically glued together as they kept making out in nana's room. Then one of the girls, I actually think she's Lulu's older sister Lala, passed out on the floor. No one even knows what happened. She was perfectly fine one second, and collapsing on the floor the next time I looked at her. Since she jumped up right away I suspect she faked it for attention's sake.

The guy I danced with first, Tobin Landis, stuck by me ever since that first dance. Not that I minded. He was pretty cute, and didn't want to play around with the other girls at the party like the rest of the guys were doing. There was a new couple walking around every five minutes.

I couldn't believe it when the sun started to rise but the party was still going. We had to order some more pizzas for breakfast, and even though everyone was exhausted it took Rorion and me a long time to convince them all to leave.

The house was a mess. You only had to look at our bathroom to see that. Luckily, nana has long had a maid service coming to help clean our house. Rorion and I took care of all the party evidence while leaving all the non-suspicious stuff for the maid to clean. I did make sure to leave a nice big extra tip for her though. It was the money nana had left us to use for something like going to see a movie.

Analinde brought Sind and Melui back just after we finished the cleaning. She suspected nothing. Considering that we still had a whole day before nana came back, Rorion and I breathed easier when we saw we would really have to try now if we wanted to get in trouble. Renia came back home shortly afterwards. She had no clue either as to what had gone down. I felt bad because she really wanted to go to the festival with me, but I had to refuse. Rorion and I were exhausted.  I knew I would pass out in front of all those people if I forced myself to go.

Renia pouted, and went by herself...


I'm really annoyed with Linnatiel right now. She promised last week that she would come to the festival with me, but it seems she totally forgot. I wasn't going to let that promise-breaking meany-head mess up my day though. I went to the festival all by myself even though nana tells me I shouldn't go off alone. I think it was fine. Daddy's house was right across the street from the festival so I could always go there if I needed something.

I walked around trying to decide what I wanted to do first when I noticed this old man. He was just standing there sobbing. I asked him what was wrong, but he ignored me and kept crying. He was really weird, and that's something coming from me. I'm used to weird. My daddy is a clown.

There was this nice old lady who taught me how to roller skate. She even showed me how to spin in a circle with her. It was a lot of fun, and I was really surprised. Who knew old people actually knew how to do fun stuff? She did get tired and had to leave though.

That was when I ran into Delen. He said he would hang out with me, and so he taught me how to play chess. Well, he tried to teach me. We played, and his face got more and more annoyed as the game went on. I really had no idea what I was doing. I was confused when Delen told me I had won. I couldn't believe it. I had just been trying to make a picture on the board with the pieces.

More of my brothers showed up. I really do have a lot of them, don't I? We aren't able to get together all that often so we took a nice picture together. Now I have something to brag about to Linna.

After Delen left, Noril and I had a picnic dinner together. I was just going to be in the hot dog contest they were having, but nana always get so worried that one of us is going to choke someday being in one of those. Besides, it was nice sitting and eating peacefully with my brother. I can never just have a normal meal when I'm with daddy. He's a clown.

I wanted to play soccer with Noril, but he told me it was getting later and that I needed to be rested for school the next day. He drove me back home where I took a nice bath before watching television. I stayed up later than I normally was allowed. It's kinda nice not having anyone making me going to bed on time.

 I kept hearing Linna having to get up to take care of Melu during the night. I hope she had to change an icky diaper. That can be her punishment for forgetting her promise...


It was perfect timing when I returned home from my nice little break. Linnatiel, Rorion, and Renia were just leaving to catch the bus. They were well-rested, well-fed, and alive. It was a good sign. It seemed they survived their unsupervised weekend. However, I asked myself as I walked inside if the same would be true for the house.

Except for the dirty breakfast dishes my children left for the maid or me to clean, everything was in order. Sind and Melui were sleeping peacefully. I was pleased. There had been no reason for me to worry at all......


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