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The Other Woman

Galaran has finally had his birthday. As normal with all my children, Galaran told me that he had made plans for what he wanted to do now that he is a young adult. However, days passed. He gave me no indication as to what his plans were or when he was going to follow through with them. Knowing that Galaran has always taken a little longer than others to get everything together, I didn't bother him. Two weeks passed though. All he would say was that he was finalizing his plan. Another week went by. Still nothing. I sat him down and told him that I needed something solid to go off of.

Three's the Charm

It's been about three months since Eiji took Londuil and Ninnor. I'm finally getting used to not having them around. The first couple weeks were the hardest, especially when I continued to be all alone in the house. The loneliness was crushing. After much internal debating, I kept Londuil and Ninnor's teddy bears with me instead of sending them with the rest of their things. I knew the boys loved their bears, but I needed something of theirs to hold when my arms felt empty.

It's My Birthday!

That is all :)


I know my world is about to fall apart soon. Again.

The months have passed by at a terrifying speed. For the first time, I fully hated to see a child of mine grow older. If Ninnor's first birthday never came, then I wouldn't have to say goodbye to him, or him and Londuil. Nothing has been resolved between Eiji's family and I. I met with Mr. and Mrs. Hugh many times to try and show them I'm not the person they think I am. While their opinion of me doesn't seem as poor as it initially was, they're still resolute in making me choose. I can give Ninnor over willingly, or I can try to fight for both boys. Despite my best efforts to convince myself otherwise, I know I would lose the court battle. My choice firmly remains both Londuil and Ninnor, or just Ninnor, no matter how much the truth pains me.