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French Class Audio Tracks and Pottermore Update

I think it's really pretty cool when educators, especially those in the textbook business, realize that studying gets boring after awhile and then they take the time to place little things here and there to send a laugh your way. I wasn't really my textbook at this particular moment, but I was on the Deux Mondes (my French textbook) website. I was accessing the audio tracks for an activity in the workbook that I had to do. I restarted my French instruction because I felt as if I hadn't retained enough of the basics, and so I was able to easily understand the conversation between the characters without really having to look at the clues on the workbook page. The audio track was finishing and the characters said something that made me burst out laughing. I had been planning on going onto the next activity, but I had to stop and replay the last bit of the audio track a couple times before I was able to move on. You can access the track here, and skip ahead to the last 10-15 seconds to get to where I'm talking about:

The Twelve Days of Hogwarts

I've been a subscriber to the youtube user MuggleSam for awhile now. The account features a family up in Canada, and stars the two young daughters Sophia and Isabella (Bella). The mom films the girls as they go about doing various things during their day, and most of the videos contain massive amounts of cuteness. As the username implies, the family is a very big fan of Harry Potter, and there are multiple skits that the girls have done using Harry Potter as a theme.

Their most recent video is a song set to the tune of the Twelve Days of Christmas. Sophia and Isabella (mostly Sophia) sing about their first days at Hogwarts, and about all the things that they're not afraid of (like two trolls in the dungeon or five Bertie Bott's vomit flavored beans). It is one of their best videos ever and the girls sing the song amazingly. You can check out their cuteness below:

And you should definitely subscribe!