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Malware and Potential Blog Move

Hello, everyone. Just coming by with some more news. I've been doing my best to work on the remaining CMW Gen Four chapters when I've got the time. I've been feeling pretty good about it, but then I found something unfortunate in my email today. I received a message from Blogger stating the most recent short story had been deleted due to violating their guidelines. Condensed version: it appears some internet malware snuck its way onto the post, which got it flagged as dangerous by Google, prompting Blogger to get rid of the whole thing under their "Malware and Viruses" clause. It is incredibly frustrating as there was no chance to be told of the issue or at least have the post simply unpublished, and it's even more frustrating since the matter was nothing I caused. There doesn't appear a way at this time to retrieve the short story. While I've done everything I can from my end to make sure there's nothing bad coming from my computer, the incident does leave me concerned as there's little I can do should something like this happen again or, even worse, should the whole blog get deleted for repeated "violations". Every search I did for preventing/resolving issues like this only led me to information about WordPress, even if I specifically typed for Blogger/Blogspot help. I'd kinda already been contemplating moving my content to WordPress, and this has really put me in the mindset that I should. I wanted to stick around here due to its nostalgia, yet there's also a lot of changes made to the interface that have put me off the place in the past year or so. While I don't think I'll be jumping ship immediately, just keep an eye out for updates I suppose. Also, if pages do give you warnings, let me know, and if the blog suddenly disappears, hopefully you'll have seen this beforehand. I'll try to name the new blog the same if possible if something that extreme happens, so search it out under that. I did back-up a copy of the blog's contents too to ensure I can access it later.

Hope you all are having more pleasant days 😂


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