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The GO Downloads and Extras

Please note that the characters here all contain custom content. If you don't have the same CC installed, it will be replaced by a default item in the game. Since taking the time to find and list all CC on each Sim would take a long time, I will only search for the CC download location if there is a specific request for it.

Ellothiel and Order Children
Elrunamir Ithiennith
Ureliel Ithiennith
Elaril Ithiennith
Sildor Ithiennith
Lothirien Ithiennith
Aravilui Ithiennith
Arluwen Ithiennith
Amadrie Ithiennith
Elerith Ithiennith
Nadrien Ithiennith
Threlad Ithiennith
Cadriethiel Ithiennith
Nikara Ithiennith
Iselith Ithiennith
Saradith Ithiennith
Anithien Ithiennith
Elridia Ithiennith
Nioniel Ithiennith
Pararil Ithiennith 
Galaran Ithiennith 
Herindur Ithiennith 
Londuil Hugh 
Minai Ithiennith 
Ettelendil Ithiennith
Erondir Ithiennith
Fiendir Ithiennith
Thrin Ithiennith 
Riviel Ithiennith
Celadra Ithiennith
Idhren Ithiennith
Elwen Ithiennith
Meldiron Ithiennith
Lomaraniel Ithiennith
Serith Ithiennith
Tirith Ithiennith
Renduil Ithiennith
Rion Ithiennith
Sidhion Ithiennith
Ortherion Ithiennith 
Isilmar Ithiennith
Elrelas Ithiennith
Henduil Ithiennith
Silmalad Ithiennith
Alyan Ithiennith
Garthon Ithiennith
Rieldir Ithiennith 
Cirabel Ithiennith
Elioviel Ithiennith
Elediril Ithiennith
Milmarion Ithiennith
Noril Ithiennith
Raradia Ithiennith
Niphredil Ithiennith
Elvaran Ithiennith
Analinde Ithiennith
Delenmir Ithiennith 
Linnatiel Ithiennith 
Renia Ithiennith
Sind Ithiennith
Cethiel Ithiennith
Arnin Ithiennith
Lomenia Ithiennith
Lithaldoren Ithiennith
Lueth Ithiennith
Calun Ithiennith 
Ithilas Ithiennith
Eleme Ithiennith
Rithranduil Ithiennith
Tinaldor Ithiennith
Menel Ithiennith
Nonion Ithiennith
Elrandra Ithiennith
Emethien Ithiennith
Ris Ithiennith 
Amonost Ithiennith
Adonnen Ithiennith
Cadrier Ithiennith
Tridia Ithiennith
Thralas Ithiennith
Maldor Ithiennith
Naldir Ithiennith 
Ranna Ithiennith
Aewen Ithiennith
Alcarien Ithiennith
Delerith Ithiennith
Delindir Ithiennith
Thoronton Ithiennith
Andethon Ithiennith
Abriel Ithiennith II
Gellrin Ithiennith
Erumaren Ithiennith
Celendel Ithiennith
Celenia Ithiennith
Isebrilia Ithiennith
Cugu Ithiennith
Anawen Ithiennith
Saviel Ithiennith
Minia Ithiennith
Elradith Ithiennith
Lemerion Ithiennith 

Special Characters
Charlie Portem
Seamus Gingery
Eloril Ithiennith
Anondil Ithiennith
Rigel Starr
Moon Rodgers ("Myian" by teezi85)
Kedo Heart ("Kedo" by Benihime93)
Corey Noise ("Cool and Young" by anissas)
Eiji Hugh 
Tezuka Hugh
Haruna Hugh
Ninnor Hugh
Elrundir Ithiennith
Penn Wiser ("Penn Wiser" by Cakenotlie1)
Rorion Ithiennith
Melui Ithiennith
Dodge Carr ("Dodge Carr" by frasersim)
Navinai Ithiennith

Nigel Clemens
Galir Ithiennith
Calanon Ithiennith
Beriadan Ithiennith
Wesley Bales
Raine Thomas
Nora Ithiennith
Aneviel, Anemir, and Anadien
Ne'Xafughos ("Ne'Xafughos (Alien)" by Phamser)
Elemir Ithiennith
Urelia Ithiennith
Silas Snodgrass  
Andethil Maleryn
Rynania Maleryn
Urelia Maleryn
Maleryn Household 
Orsidhil Ithiennith
Abriel Ithiennith
Mulberry Orchid (aka "Mully Orchid) (by itsjulie)
Taragond Aranoss
Milui Aranoss
Abrien Ithiennith
Laril Tintirith 
Tirilonn Ithiennith
Galuiel Ithiennith
Ranimir Ithiennith
Calithon Ithiennith
Rynan Ithiennith

Requested Item Download Links
Cethiel's Hair
Mareiel's Hair / Retexture
Ellothiel's Hair
Ellothiel's Dress- Part I
Ellothiel's Dress- Part II and III
Ellothiel's Dress- Part IV and V
Ellothiel's Dress- Kidnapped Arc 
Ellothiel's Dress- Part VI 
Ellothiel's Wedding Dress
Ellothiel's Nightgown / For Teens
Ellothiel's Formal Wear
Ellothiel's Adolescent Dress
Urelia/Mareiel's Dress
Elle's Dress
Aewen's/Alcarien's Hair
Aewen's Teen Outfit 
Wesley's Hair
Gellrin's Hair


By request, here is a list of pronunciations of the elvish names and words used in this challenge. The names are styled after J.R.R Tolkein's elvish languages, although the pronunciations may not be perfectly canonical in regards to them. I acquire them from the elvish name generator at Dragon's Mark, the name database at Council of Elrond, or by my own creation.

Ithiennith- "Ith-e-ehn-nith"
Ellothiel- "Eh-lawth-e-elle"
Elrunamir- "Elle-ruhn-ah-meer"
Ureliel- "Oo-reh-lee-elle"
Elaril- Eh-lah-rihl"
Sildor- "Sihl-door"
Lothirien- "Lawth-eer-e-ehn"
Aravilui- "Ahh-rah-vee-loo-e"
Arluwen- "Ahhr-loo-when"
Amadrie- "Ahh-mawhd-ree-eh"
Elerith- "Ehl-eh-rith"
Nadrien- "Nahd-re-in"
Threlad- "Threh-lad"
Cadriethiel- "Cahhd-re-ith-e-elle"
Nikara- "Nih-kah-ra"
Iselith- "Ih-zeh-leth"
Saradith- "Sah-rah-deth"
Anithien- "Ahh-nih-thee-ehn" 
Elridia- "Ehl-rih-dee-ah"
Nioniel- "Knee-own-e-elle"
Pararil- "Pa-rahh-rihl" 
Galaran- "Gahhl-ahh-rahhn"
Herindur- "Heh-rihn-duhr"
Londuil- "Lohnd-oo-ihl"
Minai- "Mih-nye"
Ettelendil- "Eht-eh-lehn-dihl
Erondir- "Eh-rohhn-deer"
Fiendir- "Fee-ehn-deer"
Thrin- "Th-rihn
Riviel- "Rihv-e-elle"
Celadra- "Kehl-ahh-drahh"
Idhren- "Eed-hren"
Elwen- "Elle-when
Meldiron- "Mehl-dear-awhn"
Lomaraniel- "Low-mah-rahn-e-elle"
Serith- "Seh-rith"
Tirith- "Tih-rith"
Renduil- "Rhen-dew-ihl"
Rion- "Rii-own"
Sidhion- "Sid-he-on
Ortherion- "Oar-thair-e-on
Isilmar- "Ih-sill-mahr"
Elrelas- "Elle-reh-lahs"
Henduil- "Hehnd-oo-ihl"
Silmalad- "Sihl-mah-lahhd"
 Alyan- "Ahll- yawhn"
Garthon- "Gahr-thawn
Rieldir- "Re-elle-deer"
Cirabel- "Kear-uh-belle"
Elioviel- "Elle-e-o-vee-elle"
Elediril- "Eh-lead-er-ihl"
Milmarion- "Mill-mahhr-e-on"
Noril- "Nore-ihl
Raradia- "Rah-rah-dee-uh"
Niphredil- "Nif-rehd-ihl"
Elvaran- "Elle-vah-rahn"
Analinde- "Ah-nah-lynn-day"
Delenmir- "Deh-lehn-meer"
Linnatiel- "Lynn-ah-tea-elle"
Renia- "Reh-knee-ah"
Sind- "Sihnd"
Cethiel- "Keh-thee-elle"
Arnin- "Ahr-nihn"
Lomenia- "Low-meh-knee-ah"
Lithaldoren- "Lithh-ahl-dohr-ehn"
Lueth- "Lue-eth"
Calun- "Kahl-une"
Ithilas- "Ith-ih-lahs"
Eleme- "Eh-leh-meigh"
Rithranduil- "Rith-rahn-dew-ihl"
Tinaldor- "Tihn-ahll-door"
Menel- "Meh-nell"
Nonion- "Nawhn-e-on"
Elrandra- "Elle-rawhn-drah"
Emethien- "Eh-meth-e-ehn"
Ris- "Rihs"
Amonost- "Ah-mawhn-ohst"
Adonnen- "Ahhd-owhn-nehn"
Cadrier- "Cahhd-re-heir"
Tridia- "Trih-de-ah"
Thralas- "Thraw-lahs"
Maldor- "Mahl-dohr"
Naldir- "Nahl-deer"
Ranna- "Rahn-nah"
Aewen- "Ay-ahh-when"
Alcarien- "Ahl-cahr-e-ehn"
Delerith- "Deh-lehr-ith"
Delindir- "Deh-lihn-deer"
Thoronton- "Thho-rohwn-tawhn"
Andethon- "An-deh-thawn"
Abriel- "Ay-bree-ehl"
Gellrin- "Gehl-rihn"
Erumaren- "Eh-roo-mah-rehn"
Celendel- "Ceh-lehn-dehl"
Celenia- "Cehl-leh-knee-ah"
Isebrilia- "Is-eh-brill-e-ah"
Cugu- "Coo-goo"
Anawen- "Ah-nah-when"
Saviel- "Sah-vee-ehl"
Minia- "Mih-knee-ah"
Elradith- "Elle-rah-dith"
Lemerion- "Leh-mehr-e-on"

Elrundir- "Elle-ruhn-deer"
Urelia- "Oo-reh-lee-ah"
Eloril- "Eh-lore-ihl"
Anondil- "Ahh-nohn-dihl
Ninnor- "Nihn-nore"
Rorion- "Roar-e-on"
Melui- "Meh-loo-e" 
Navinai- "Nah-vee-nigh"
Galir- "Gah-lear"
Calanon- "Cah-lah-nawhn"
Beriadan- "Buhr-e-ahh-dawhn"
Elemir- "Eh-leh-mear"
Aneviel- "Ah-neh-vi-elle"
Anemir- "Ahn-eh-meer"
Anadien- "Ah-nah-dee-ehn"
Andethil- "An-deh-thihl"
Rynania- "Ru-nahhn-iya"
Erien- "Air-e-ehn"
Abrien- "Ay-bree-in"
Taragond- "Tah-rah-gawnhd"
Milui- "Mih-loo-e"
Laril- "Lahr-ihl"
Tirilonn- "Tih-rih-lawhn"
Galuiel- Gahl-oo-e-ehl"
Ranimir- "Rhan-ah-meehr"
Calithon- "Cal-eh-thawn"
Rynan- "Ru-nahn"

Adar/Ada (Father/Dad)- "Ahh-dahr"/"Ahh-dah"
Naneth/Nana (Mother/Mom)- "Nahhn-neth"/"Nahh-nahh"
Vede (Uncle)- "Veh-day"
Oradar/Orada (Grandfather/Grandpa) (Lit. "Above Father")- "Or-ahh-dahr"/"Or-ahh-dah"

Fuiacaul (An elvish curse, equivalent to the English "damn") (Lit. "Abhorrent affliction/burden)- "Fhwui-ahh-cauhl"
Agarross (Massacre, lit. "blood rain")- Ah-gahr-rawhs
Brona (Last)- "Browh-nah"
Calad (Light)- "Kah-lahd"
Umann (Idiot, lit. "not intelligent")- Oo-mahhn

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3 comments on "The GO Downloads and Extras"
  1. Can you please put up Cethiels hair?

  2. Could you upload areceli and capella?

  3. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of Araceli anymore. I lost it at some point. Links to both a human version and vampire version of Capella can be found in the PGC Downloads tab (if you haven't found it already).


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