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No CMW Update 4/27

I tried to get this notice out earlier in the day, but I ran out of time and had to leave for work. And work is exactly why there is no update today. They scheduled me six days in a row (and this isn't the first time), which has left me with both no time and no energy to complete on Chapter 27. I squeezed out a 100 Majesties and PGC update to hopefully tide you all over somewhat.

Sorry that I've had to skip another week. Thank you for your understanding!


PGC Round 2 Update #17

Another Snowflake Day meant another gift giving party. Adhara provided the music, and Kelsey removed all the couches and chairs so no one would fight over seating positions and just get their presents instead. The party was all family, so one certain member decided he was comfortable with strutting about the place in his underwear.

100 Majesties- A 100 BC Update #19

Though she was pregnant, Lynette wasted no time heading out and meeting everyone that could be met. She kept coming across the same people during the day, so she took a nap in order to stay out late in hopes of widening her knowledge of the city's residents. The change of pace worked wonders. New faces were popping up all over the place. Lynette even had a great time as he explored all Starlight Shores had to offer. One of her favorite activities was watching terrible singers embarrass themselves while singing karaoke.

Gen One- Chapter Twenty Six

I scrunched my toes together in my boots. They were going numb submerged in the snow like they were. The world around me appeared bright and beautiful, but when I looked up I saw nothing but a treacherous wasteland. I honestly don't know what had gotten into me when I signed up for the class field trip to Wonder Light. What could be bad about a five day trip over spring break to a picturesque town snuggled against the mountains? Well, I had clearly ignored the fact that Wonder Light was also famous for its cold temperatures and snow even during spring. I had managed to escape any hospital trips over the winter. The days had been warming and the danger had been passing, but now I had willingly tossed myself back into the conditions that were prime for my body throwing a fit. Despite it only being the third day of the trip, I just wanted to go home. I couldn't get warm no matter how much I tried standing there in the cold like I had no choice but to do.

Gen One- Chapter Twenty Five

I had dreaded its coming. I had wished it would never come, but, alas, winter did come. I wondered what would happen this year. It was nice that I had made it to the Holiday break without coming down with something other than those random colds one gets, but that hardly meant I was out of the woods yet. The snow and the cold would be around for another two and a half months. Would it be the flu? A small infection? In the end, it didn't matter too much what it was. The end result would be the same; I would end up in the hospital again. Such an event truly did happen every year. Normally, it wouldn't be so bad. My stay would be a few days or so. It was only rarely that I became incredibly sick like I did last year. I hoped as I sipped on my fresh hot chocolate that such a bad experience then meant I was in for a lighter ride this time. It helped that Eden let me be lazy during the cold months. I could even wear my warm pajamas all day if I wanted.

Gen One- Chapter Twenty Four

I gave Sunset a friendly smack on the back when she stepped on my toes for the hundredth time. I should have switched her and Sunflower around. As we modeled through various poses, Sunset got lost in her excitement and kept forgetting she couldn't stand right on top of me as she attempted whatever new position she concocted. If I wasn't careful, my feet definitely weren't going to last me through the night. Sunset gave me yet another amused, apologetic grin before backing up and turning to face the camera Eden had pointed our way. The device that hadn't been touched since I tried to take a picture when I turned white was finally getting a moment to shine.

Leroi and Alar

Rereading The Goddess' Order chapters had me stumbling across something interesting, somewhat amusing, and wholly unintentional.

You see, this is Leroi Schaffer- the man who fathered Ellothiel's thirty-ninth child, Ortherion. He made his appearance in August of 2013.

And this is Alar Lucane, my Dragoon from Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Yes, I did name him after Elle's father from Tales of Lerathian. I created him last spring in 2014.

As you notice, the two happen to be quite similar XD Apparently, I have a thing for this kind of character design.

Anyway, that's all! Enjoy your day :D