Thursday, July 18, 2013


I got lucky. In that sense of the phrase, yes, and that I got lucky because I so quickly found another man who was willing to go along with my advances. I met Mr. Chaddie Marx like I've met other men. On a walk. He moved to Aurora Skies around the same time we did. Somehow, we hadn't come to know each other yet.

Mr. Marx was taking a walk like I was. We got tot talking before I tested my skills and invited him over to warm up. It didn't take him long to catch my meaning. Our time together was pretty satisfying. However, I could quickly tell that he was becoming very interested in me. By know I've learned that I cannot lead him on to believe anything serious can come of our relationship. I unfortunately didn't start off so well. I managed to let him convince me to allow him to stay the night.

That meant he was there for Celadra's birthday. Lewis was still at work so he wasn't able to make it. Celadra asked if Chaddie was her father, and I quickly and quietly explained the situation to her. I told her that her and her father had big plans tomorrow.

Ralph, Lucas, Lewis, and I had arraigned for that Saturday to be completely devoted for the children and fathers to spend time together. First, they all went to the park where they filled almost every available space with snowmen, snow angels, and igloos. I heard that Ralph and Thrin did get into a bit of trouble because they kept hiding around objects and pelting poor park-goers with snowballs. They settled down when the group went to have lunch at a nice restaurant. The six of them went to see a movie before finishing the day relaxing at Lewis' place. Thrin, Riviel, and Celadra then spent the night at their respective father's house.

It was strange being completely alone in our house. I kept waking up that night hearing the sounds of a toddler's voice. Time after time, I sat up and looked around wondering where my child was and what it needed. I had to remind myself that I didn't have any toddlers to look after right then. I began to feel strange. When Snowflake Day came around, I took the opportunity to get a pregnancy test. It came out positive alright. My restlessness that night had to be a sign of it. I wonder why it was only after after one night from conception that I could already sense the pregnancy. It will probably always be a mystery. In any case, I do hope that I have another boy. Another son would help to balance out the current household in terms of gender.

When Riviel's birthday arrived, we threw her a small birthday party in the morning since we were having a larger gift giving party later that evening. Rivi was especially excited about it. She talked all day long to someone on the phone about it. The voice on the other end sounded somewhat like Minai's, but I couldn't be sure.

I wanted to spend some time with Chaddie at the party so I could explain my condition, but my growing belly explained everything to him without me even having to say a word. Unfortunately, he got pretty upset. Chaddie, like various others, thought having a child now was going to ruin his life. The others at the party noticed the conflict. How could they not though? Chaddie had begun to raise his voice and say some pretty nasty things about my character. Ralph, Lucas, and Lewis all came to defend me. Chaddie calmed down a little, but continued to sulk throughout the rest of the night. I hoped he would calm down a bit so I could try and talk to him more.

I didn't get the chance. Chaddie ended up leaving the party as soon as the gifts were done being given out. There were too many people in my way as I tried to make my way over to him. I did manage to have fun during the party though. It really was a full house. We ended up having a few non-invited party-goers show up, but as I've said before, as long as they behave I don't mind their presence.

Our family got a bit of an interesting haul of gifts this year. We received two new chess sets, a guitar, and a roll of toiler paper. The toiler paper was obviously supposed to be a gag gift, but unlike the chess sets it's something we'll actually use. Something else that was supposed to be a gag gift was the rainbow light I got. The others teased me about getting it, but I don't see why. It's fun to watch and it adds a sort of ethereal ambiance to my room. I honestly wouldn't mind getting another one.

With not having any babies or toddlers to take care of, I've been using all my free time to improve on a lot of the skills I've had to push aside over the years as I've focused on my child rearing. Mostly I've been working on strengthening my body. I can only do so much of that though while my stomach is getting larger by the day. Instead, I've been using the tips Minai gave me about painting to improve my artwork. As I continue to steadily get better, I think maybe I might actually have some of my naneth's talent.

Chaddie still hadn't come around by the time our son was born. I will always keep the opportunity to his involved in his son's life open, but unfortunately I fear that Chaddie is going to be the type that will forever run away. This is a sad situation that will probably repeat itself many more times as this task progresses. It's just something that's bound to happen when I don't make my intentions clear when I sleep with these men. For most of them, I'm making them fathers against their will. I know that if I had to convince each of them to get me pregnant before we did anything though, I would rarely find anyone willing to sleep with me.

I put my thoughts about this and Chaddie aside to tend to my new son. I named him Idhren. It is usually a name given to girls, but it can be used for a boy as well. I think it suits him. Idhren is my thirtieth child. Thirtieth! When I lived back home I wasn't even sure if I wanted to have two. One just seemed the ideal number. If I was told that I was going to have thirty children, I definitely would have told that person to seek mental help. However, I suppose I should be going "Seventy?!" That's the amount of children I still have left to go.

Overall, for this task the amount of boys I've had and the amount of girls I've had is fairly equal. There's Elrunamir, Elaril, Sildor, Threlad, Pararil, Galaran, Herindur, Londuil, Ettelendil, Erondir, Fiendir, Thrin, and Idhren for a total of thirteen boys. Then there's Ureliel, Lothirien, Aravilui, Arluwen, Amadrie, Elerith, Nadrien, Cadriethiel, Nikara, Iselith, Saradith, Anithien, Elridia, Nioniel, Minai, Riviel, and Celadra for a total of seventeen girls. I only wish that I could add Ninnor to this total, but I can't if I want to follow the Goddess' wishes properly.

The end of winter approached. The days were becoming nice and warm. Everything seemed peaceful. Then the very last night of winter arrived, and I discovered the hidden hurtful truth. Thrin took Celadra out to visit Erondir and Fiendir. I wanted to make a quick run to the store, but I needed Riviel to watch Idhren. I only thought she was watching television in her room. However, when I opened her door I found her making out with a girl named Linn Valquist instead.

A million questions went through my mind. How had this woman been able to get into the house without my knowing, why was she making out with my daughter, and how long had this been going on? These questions were most unsettling because I knew Linn well. She's Thrin's girlfriend.....


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