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PGC Update #4

And we're back here again! Let's get caught up a little bit, shall we? Something I neglected to mention last time was that I moved Laveah, Van, and Cielah out of the house to start afresh. Amesis and Tirin had a day or so of quiet before it was found out that Tirin was pregnant. We left off with her about to give birth to her first child.

Our Own Hunger Games

One week ago, on the 20th, my friends and I were participating in our own Hunger Games competition! In total there was eight of us who participated. There were others who were supposed to show, but of course there's always a couple people who say they're coming and never show up. Anyway, we met at Harold's house to watch the Hunger Games movie before heading over to McDonald's for our last meal.

We then went to a nearby camping ground in the middle of a forest. The campsite (as well as the bathrooms) were temporary safe zones during the game. One could only stay at the campsite for five minutes at a time before being required to head out into the fray again. Out of the two tents we set up, one was easy to do, but the other was complicated and took much more time to assemble. When that was finished we all headed over to the Cornucopia to start the game.

PGC Update #3

(Just a quick note about this post. Since I find the mosaic censor the Sims 3 uses to be annoying, I have a mod that disables it. Naked Sims without the censor are pretty much just like naked Barbies. There's nothing actually there. There will be a couple pictures in this post of a naked Laveah without the censor. I highly doubt anyone will actually find these offensive, but if you're really that sensitive I would suggest you don't read this post >< )

This update will probably end up being on the longer side. The triplets continued to age up, as well as the rest of the members of the household. A lot of things happened and I'm eager to share! Also, I leave to go back to college tomorrow so I'd like to take care of this now before I get too busy.

So the first major thing that happened after I last posted was another robbery:

PGC Update #2

Hello there! I'm back again with another update about my Sims 3 Perfect Genetics Challenge progress! Last time we left off with Laveah aging up to a Young Adult, and preparing to start her task of sending her perfect genetics down to at least one of her children. Since I forgot to put Laveah's information in my last post, here it is now:

Laveah's Traits- Couch Potato
Loves the Outdoors
Light Sleeper
Dislikes Children (of course)

Her favorite music is indie, her favorite food is pancakes, and her favorite color is aqua.

I Want, I Want, I Want to Meet You

℃-ute, the J-Pop group whose previous single I reviewed here, has just released on their Youtube channel the music video for their new single "Aitai Aitai Aitai na". You can watch it below at the end of the post.

The Sims 3- Perfect Genetics Challenge!

So it's been some time since I've last posted, but I figure I'd reopen with a post containing an update of a challenge for The Sims 3 that I got from Mod the Sims here.

On the 9th page you'll find my first update about my luck so far with the challenge. However, it seems that after I posted no one else had any more to say about their progress. It was over a week before someone else did post. I'm progressing through the challenge fairly quickly, and I know if I post there I will continue to have to wait, or either double post (which I don't want to do). Plus, there were so many more pictures I wanted to put on the thread, but I got rid of most of them because I felt like my post was overtaking the thread. These are the reasons I decided to move my updates to my blog. I can write and post as many pictures as I want without bothering anyone. Here we go!