The Goddess' Order Chapters

Below is an organized list of all posts relating to the updates of my 100 Baby Challenge story, titled "The Goddess' Order." Each link is accompanied by a brief summary of the chapter.  To view the official forum and see the rules for this challenge, click the link here. Downloads of Ellothiel and her children, as well occasional special Sims, are available for download in the tab below this one.


1 Year Behind the Scenes Special- A post celebrating the one year anniversary of The Goddess' Order. In it, I show off what the Sims do when not taking part in the story. There's also a reveal of the people I have snuck into the story from other works of mine. It does contain spoilers for those who have not read up to "Winter Festival" in Part Four.

One Special Day- A special post for Christmas 2013, wherein Ellothiel experiences a rather odd day. Contains mild spoilers for anyone who has not read up to "Getting to Know You" in Part Four.

New Years Behind the Scenes Special 2- Another look at what happens to my Sims when I'm not working on the story. Contains spoilers for anyone who as not read up to "The Good and the Bad" in Part Four.

Behind the Scenes Special 3- The third post containing pictures of what goes on with my Sims outside of the story pictures. Contains spoilers for anyone who has not read up to "Secrets, Part One" in Part Five.

Behind the Scenes Special 4- The fourth post containing pictures of what goes on with my Sims outside of the story pictures. Contains spoilers for anyone who has not read up to "Blackout" in Part Five.

The Goddess' Order Tribute- A video tribute of pictures of Ellothiel's children set to the song "Aitakute Ima" by MISIA. It is meant to be viewed right after "Completed" in Part Six. 

Behind the Scenes Special 5- The fifth post containing pictures of what goes on with my Sims outside of the story pictures. Contains spoilers from the end of the Twinbrook arc through the end of the story.

Two Futures- A post to commemorate the second year anniversary of The Goddess Order. Fifteen years after the end of the main story, Ellothiel goes to bed only to be woken up by a strange man from the future. He shows her two paths- the world that would have been and the world that she saved.

The History of the Elves- On one particular Snowflake Day, Ellothiel reads an old school report of Wesley's. The two discuss the past and Ellothiel's heritage before ending their day with some quality time together. For Christmas 2014.


Prologue- "The Beginning".....Ellothiel tells the story of her life and explains some of the history of her people. In the end, she has no choice but to accept the task given by the Goddess to bear 100 children of human males.

Chapter One- "Loneliness".....Ellothiel arrives at her new home, but finds that it lacks much of the comfort she is used to. She makes the acquaintance of some humans, but their company only leaves her feeling more alone than ever.

Chapter Two- "Frustration".....Ellothiel realizes she's in a dire money situation, so she takes up painting. Her first attempt at meeting potential fathers goes very poorly.

Chapter Three- "Starting the Task".....Ellothiel finally meets a man suitable for fathering her first child. However, the difficulty of giving herself away has harsh effects on the poor maiden.

Chapter Four- "Pregnancy".....Ellothiel lives in a daze ever since her encounter, and only grows to hate humans more. She discovers that she is pregnant, and when her son is born he is named after her father.

Chapter Five- "Motherhood".....Elrunamir gives Ellothiel renewed purpose. Although he makes things difficult, Ellothiel adores every moment with him.

Chapter Six- "Toddler Years".....Elrunamir grows up too fast for Ellothiel's liking. She tries to give his father, Rodney, a second chance, but he blows it. Ellothiel decides she needs to have a second child.

Chapter Seven- "The Unthinkable".....Consumed by her desire to return home, Ellothiel gives into her dark thoughts and sleeps with the husband of another woman. The act later scars her, and things only become worse when the house is robbed.

Chapter Eight- "Simple Joys".....Ellothiel recovers from her guilt of sleeping with a married man. Her pregnancy results in a daughter, Ureliel, and Elrunamir becomes a child. Things might have been bad lately, but Ellothiel discovers that there is still happiness to be found.

Chapter Nine- "A Blessing".....After winning a small lottery, Ellothiel upgrades the house to better provide for her children. Ureliel becomes a toddler, Elrunamir gets a cat, and Ellothiel has a second son.

Chapter Ten- "Growing Older".....Elrunamir becomes a teen, Ureliel a child, and Elaril a toddler. Ellothiel hates how her children age so quickly, and becomes pregnant once again.

Chapter Eleven- "Imagination".....Ellothiel is worried because Ureliel talks to thin air too much. She gives birth to her third son, Sildor. Ureliel throws a sleepover, and both Elaril and Sildor age up.

Chapter Twelve- "Leaving the Nest".....Ellothiel wishes she could reveal more to her children about their noble lineage, but is held back by her own fears. Elrunamir has issues in school. Ureliel becomes a teenager, and the day after, Elrunamir becomes a young adult. A farewell is said as he leaves to begin his own life.

Chapter Thirteen- "New Neighbors".....Ellothiel has troubles finding suitable men, but help comes in the form of two men moving in across the street. She forms a deep friendship with one of them- Charlie Portem. Ureliel's father passes away, and Ellothiel laments on how her children don't have close relationships with their fathers.

Chapter Fourteen- "Namesake".....Elaril ages up, and helps stop a thief. Ellothiel gives birth to Charlie's daughter, but is afraid of what he will think we he finds out she has become pregnant by his roommate, Seamus Gingery.

Chapter Fifteen- "Luck?".....Ellothiel wonders what her family would think of her children, and fears them meeting. She unexpectedly gives birth to triplets, but wins the lottery again. The triplets (Aravilui, Arluwen, and Amadrie), Sildor, and Ureliel all age up. Ureliel decides to stay at the house for a bit longer to help look after the toddlers.

Chapter Sixteen- "What's Really Best".....Charlie keeps true to his word to visit Lothi, but suggests her living with him when he realizes Ellothiel's house is too crowded and his daughter isn't getting the attention she needs. Ellothiel does everything to prove she can take care of her daughter. However, Ellothiel feels guilty when she realizes she's leading Charlie on and being selfish.

Chapter Seventeen- "Grandchildren".....Lothirien refuses to live with Charlie, so he and Ellothiel come up with a compromise plan. Ureliel leaves and the triplets age up. Things get busy, and Elaril eventually ages up and leaves as well. Ellothiel is surprised to find out the father of Ureliel's twin boy and girl.

Chapter Eighteen- "Dream House".....In order to give her children a better place to live, Ellothiel works hard to make more money to purchase a new home. She continues to visit her grandchildren, and feels more at ease with the task. Miraculously, she wins a Dream House contest. However, Lothi gets abducted by aliens the night they move in. After she returns and things calm down, Ellothiel seduces Cruz Sherrill.

Chapter Nineteen- "To Belong".....Autumn arrives, and Ellothiel is pregnant again. Sildor ages up and leaves, and Ureliel gets married. In order to ease her fear that she has nowhere to belong anymore, Ellothiel tries harder to become more involved with the world around her. Both Ellothiel and Ureliel give birth to daughters, and the four older girls carve pumpkins for the upcoming holiday.

Chapter Twenty- "Guilt".....The older girls go to the festival, and the triplets spend some time with Seamus afterwards. Ellothiel reluctantly seduces an elderly man, and is guilt-stricken when she learns of his death a couple hours after their encounter. The aliens return.

Chapter Twenty-One- "Surprise".....Ellothiel welcomes winter cheerfully, and watches as Lothirien falls in love. Elerith becomes a child, and Nadrien is born. The aliens capture Lothirien again, but her birthday and betrothal to Kristopher that same day brighten everyone's mood. Nadrien goes on to age up with unique hair and eye coloring.

Chapter Twenty-Two- "Visitor".....The triplets age up, and Ellothiel laments on her fading memories of home. She seduces Jermain Tomlin, and becomes pregnant with a baby boy. Nadrien has her birthday. Ellothiel goes into labor while at the spring festival. Her brother unexpectedly shows up later that night.

Chapter Twenty-Three- "Brother".....Ellothiel and Eloril are glad to be reunited, although there are a couple bumps at the beginning. Eloril and Elaril meet, and Elerith has her birthday. Ellothiel is grateful that her brother has come.

Chapter Twenty-Four- "Heartbreak".....Threlad ages up, and Eloril realizes he can't do all that much to help. He gets along well with Elerith and Nadrien, but Nadrien is hurt over the lost connection to her father. Ellothiel tries to continue the task. However, Eloril gets upset, runs off the potential father, yells at Ellothiel, and is told by Ellothiel to leave and forget about her. He chooses to leave.

Chapter Twenty-Five- "Reluctance".....Everyone is depressed by Eloril's departure. Ellothiel begins to doubt herself and her children, and doesn't want to participate in the task anymore. Both Nadrien and Threlad have birthdays. Ellothiel eventually forces herself to become pregnant again. Eloril suddenly returns to the house carrying an alien child.

Chapter Twenty-Six- "The Enemy".....Ellothiel takes in the alien child after some convincing from Elrunamir. Ellothiel and Eloril make up after Eloril promises not to interfere with the task. They name the alien child Anondil, and Eloril mostly takes care of him. Ellothiel gives birth to another daughter named Cadriethiel.

Chapter Twenty-Seven- "Forgiveness".....Elerith leaves the house, and Cadriethiel has her birthday. Eloril teaches Nadrien and Threlad about the elvish ways of living. Threlad skips school which angers Ellothiel greatly. They reconcile after his birthday party. Ellothiel realizes she cares for Anondil deeply, and is thankful for him as he has erased the anger towards the aliens in her heart.

Chapter Twenty-Eight- "Foreign Flavor".....Ellothiel and Nadrien learn more about cooking. Cadriethiel ages up, and Ellothiel talks about her grandchildren. Nadrien meets her older sister, Rocio. She moves in with her after her birthday. Eloril surprises Ellothiel with a trip to France. Ellothiel sleeps with a man named Yves Bernard not long after their arrival, and decides to go about the task quietly for the sake of peace.

Chapter Twenty-Nine- "Trouble at the Museum".....Threlad wants to find adventure on their trip. He takes Anondil and Cadriethiel, and they spend the day exploring a mysterious basement hidden underneath the local museum. They make a sad discovery, but manage to enjoy the rest of their trip.

Chapter Thirty- "Fading Time".....Ellothiel makes a promise to Yves before the five of them have to return home. Ellothiel realizes that Elrunamir doesn't have much time left to live. She spends as much time with her first-born as possible, and gives birth to a new daughter named Nikara. She and Elrunamir celebrate Nikara's birthday together.

Chapter Thirty-One- "Thank You".....Ellothiel has Elrun moved back into the house, and realizes how much better she feels having him around. Anondil has his birthday, but the happy mood collapses when Elrun dies the next day. Ellothiel is thrown into a deep depression. Still, she feels better when surrounded by her family and when Elrun leaves her one last memento.

Chapter Thirty-Two- "The Second Punch".....Ellothiel slowly recovers from Elrun's death. She doesn't want to continue the task, but is given too perfect of an opportunity. She finally makes peace with the alien race. Spring arrives, as well as Ellothiel's new twin daughters. Things begin to look up. Then Ellothiel gets the call that Ureliel has died.

Chapter Thirty-Three- "Goodbye".....Ellothiel struggles with a deep depression after Ureliel's death. She becomes pregnant again to keep herself distracted, and also realizes that Eloril doesn't belong with her anymore. All the children age up, and Ellothiel gives birth to a new daughter named Anithien. A letter arrives from Ellothiel's parents that calls for Eloril's return. He decides to return, and departs after Cadriethiel's birthday. Ellothiel decides it's time for her to move on as well. She and her daughters leave for a new home and life. 


Chapter One- "Monte Vista".....Ellothiel, Nikara, Iselith, Saradith, and Anithien arrive at their new home in Monte Vista. Ellothiel feels absolutely reborn, and is so glad that she can feel happy again. She and her girls spend a couple weeks unpacking and adjusting to their new life. They celebrate their successful move with fireworks. 

Chapter Two- "Trouble in Paradise".....Slowly, things become worse in Monte Vista. Anithien's birthday improves the mood after a robbery, but Ellothiel eventually finds out that Elaril has died and Nikara is pregnant. She manages to keep herself together during the stress. Ellothiel promises to support her daughter. She finds out that she is pregnant herself by Vincentio Pantalone. The family honors Elaril by leaving flowers on the beach for him.

Chapter Three- "Comings and Goings"....Nikara gives birth to her son, Murion, and adapts to being a mother. Ellothiel then has a daughter, Elridia. Fall arrives and brings many birthdays with it. Ellothiel talks with Vincentio, becomes pregnant by Moon Rodgers, and eventually says goodbye to Nikara and Murion as they move to France to live with Yves.

Chapter Four- "Son".....Ellothiel goes to Moon's costume party, but refuses his advances for spending a second night with him. She gives birth to his daughter, Nioniel, and both Anithien and Elridia have birthdays. Ellothiel sleeps with Kedo Heart in order to try and have a son. She gets her wish in the end.

Chapter Five- "Fun Living".....Pararil becomes a toddler. Ellothiel lets the girls throw a gift giving party, and everyone has a good time. Vincentio dies, Iselith and Saradith have their birthday and move out, and Nioniel becomes a child. Ellothiel sleeps with a man named Corey Noise.

Chapter Six- "Happy Birthday Nana!".....Anithien feels out of place amongst all her blonde-haired siblings. Ellothiel comes across a wild horse, but decides against taking it in. She explains to her children why Elves don't celebrate birthdays, and why she doesn't even know how old she is. Ellothiel gives birth to another boy; whom she names Galaran. Elridia, Nioniel, and Pararil throw Ellothiel a surprise birthday party- with the wild horse being her present.

Chapter Seven- "Spontaneous".....Ellothiel loves taking rides with Nari, but has to be careful because she's pregnant again. Nioniel, Galaran, and Herindur all have birthdays. Ellothiel takes the children on a surprise outing to the beach, and also starts a garden. While in town, she meets Eiji Hugh. They spend the day together before sharing Ellothiel's bed for the night.

Chapter Eight- "Unease".....Ellothiel goes ahead and sleeps with Eiji. Elridia has her birthday and moves out. Ellothiel feels paranoia when working in her greenhouse. Herindur has his birthday. Eiji moves to Monte Vista permanently when he learns Ellothiel is pregnant, but he ends up missing Londuil's birth. Ellothiel meets a man who makes her nervous. Eiji surprises her by building a swing set, and the whole family spends a fun evening outside.

Chapter Nine- "Fire".....Ellothiel is followed everywhere by Petrick Zeiss, and she has arguments with Pararil over getting a car. Ellothiel discovers she's having another child with Eiji, and knows she needs to control her actions better from now on. The household throws a feast party for Nioniel and Galaran's birthday. Unfortunately, a large fire ruins the evening. Ellothiel discovers Petrick creeping outside the house, and wonders if he's been stalking her the whole time. She gives birth to her new son, Ninnor.

Chapter Ten- "Meeting the Parents".....Eiji's parents arrive, and Ellothiel slowly warms up to them. Everything falls apart though when Ellothiel admits she can't marry Eiji. She is then forced to reveal the task. Feeling betrayed, Eiji and his parents leave. Eiji eventually returns to give Ellothiel an ultimatum. His parents will take her to court to take away both Londuil and Ninnor or she can willingly give only Ninnor to him. However, Eiji is moving back to his old home far away. Ellothiel has until Ninnor's first birthday to make a choice.

Chapter Eleven- "Together".....Ninnor's birthday comes, and Ellothiel knows she doesn't have much time left. On Herindur's next birthday, she gets a prompting and finally makes her choice. When Eiji and his parents come to collect Ninnor, Ellothiel stuns them by letting both brothers leave with them. The choice leaves Ellothiel and the rest of her sons distraught. Ellothiel talks to Petrick, and finds out about artificial insemination. She opts to use the process to become pregnant. She begins to write children's books for Eiji to read to Londuil and Ninnor.

Chapter Twelve- "Three's the Charm".....Ellothiel talks to Londuil and Ninnor on the phone. She buys some new birds, and throws a party. Her new daughter, Minai, is born. In order to make up for Londuil and Ninnor's absence, she quickly becomes pregnant again. Time flies by. Pararil has his birthday, Ellothiel encounters the aliens again, and Minai grows older. Ellothiel has another son, Ettelendil. Keeping up the pace, she sleeps with a man named Jayden James in order to have a third pregnancy.

Chapter Thirteen- "The Other Woman".....Galaran, Ettelendil, and Nari have birthdays. Galaran stays in the house to help out. Ellothiel finds out the father of the twin boys she is carrying is actually married- a fact he hid from her during their time together. Ellothiel struggles over whether she should tell his wife or not. Herindur and Minai have their birthdays, and the twins Erondir and Fiendir are born. Ellothiel decides to tell Mrs. James about her husband's betrayal, and she does not take the news well. Ellothiel is glad to have made a choice though, and with so many children around her giving her love she is happy. 

Chapter Fourteen- "Reunion".....Ellothiel struggles to keep up with so many toddlers. Eiji, Londuil, and Ninnor return for a surprise reunion, and Eiji sends Ellothiel, Londuil, and Ninnor on a trip to China. They enjoy the local food, pick up some martial arts skills, see many places, and buy lots of souvenirs. There are a few mishaps in the trip, but Ellothiel is grateful for the opportunity to bond with her sons.

Chapter Fifteen- "Volunteers".....Ellothiel and Eiji share one last heart-to-heart before he, Londuil, and Ninnor return home. Ettelendil ages up, and Ellothiel is able to make up with Mrs. James. A huge pool party is thrown. Ellothiel goes out to meet more men, and is surprised when two men come up to her to willingly offer themselves as contributors to the task.

Chapter Sixteen- "Lost Charm".....Erondir and Fiendir become children. After returning from getting an ultrasound, Ellothiel gets a prompting from the Goddess that she needs to move away from Monte Vista. Signs such as Galaran moving in with his girlfriend and the men volunteers being transferred show Ellothiel that moving is the right choice. The children are upset, but come to accept it. Ellothiel gives birth to Thrin.


Chapter One- "Aurora Skies".....The last days in Monte Vista are busy. Thrin cries constantly, Minai has her birthday, and Ellothiel has to say goodbye to Nari. Finally the day of the move arrives. Ralph and Lucas help the family unpack. The family's first night is made difficult by a failed robbery. Thrin becomes a toddler, and Ellothiel has her turn with Lucas.

Chapter Two- "Birthdays Galore".....Ellothiel enjoys the peaceful moments with Thrin when the others are at school. Erondir and Fiendir have a big fight on Ettelendil's birthday. Ellothiel is ecstatic to learn she is finally having another daughter. She gives birth to Riviel, but Lucas' relationship with another woman complicates things. Erondir, Fiendir, Thrin, and Riviel all have birthdays.

Chapter Three- "Noisy First Night".....Ettelendil is becoming a great astronomer, and Riviel ages up. Ellothiel meets Lewis Winter, and he agrees to help her out with the task. Minai paints a lot, the boys work out, and Lucas tells the truth. Minai and Riviel have birthdays, and Ellothiel gives birth to Celadra the night of her feast party. 

Chapter Four- "Slowing Down".....Ellothiel worries that her sons might be getting too addicted to television. Ettelendil, Erondir, Fiendir, Thrin, and Celadra all have birthdays. A robber and aliens show up on the same night. Ellothiel decides to space the timing between her pregnancies out a bit more.

Chapter Five- "Betrayal".....Ellothiel becomes pregnant again, but the man who slept with her is not happy about becoming a father. The older children spend quality time with their own fathers. Ellothiel improves her skills. She gives birth to a boy named Idhren. On the last night of winter, she finds Riviel making out with Thrin's girlfriend.

Chapter Six- "Healing".....Ellothiel forces Linn out of the house, and is very upset with Riviel. Riviel tells Thrin the truth herself. Ellothiel and Riviel eventually talk about the situation, and the younger children are cheered up. After some time, Thrin and Riviel begin to make up. Ellothiel and Celadra celebrate Celadra's birthday at the beach.

Chapter Seven- "Reputation".....Everyone continues to heal and become happier. Ellothiel buys a chicken coop. She later goes out to become pregnant again, and meets a man who is willing to give her what she wants, but their meeting is not cordial. After Idhren's birthday, Ellothiel becomes concerned about the lack of communication from her family.

Chapter Eight- "Making Friends".....After realizing she's missing out on a certain special connection, Ellothiel takes matters into her own hands to form close friendships with other women around her. She finds great success. Her new daughter, Elwen, is born and the household celebrates Riviel's birthday later that same day. Celadra believes she has made contact with a unicorn. Ellothiel finds another man to help her with the task, but wishes she could meet more unique-looking men.

Chapter Nine- "Lar Smith".....Ellothiel decides to throw a pool party to break in their new pool, as well as to celebrate Celadra's upcoming birthday. Both Celadra and Idhren have their birthday on the same day with Elwen's following not long after. Meldiron is also born, and Ellothiel is amazed at how she has yet another child with her three main traits. She goes on to meet an interesting man while taking a walk in the park.

Chapter Ten- "Forever Separated".....Ellothiel and Lar become good friends, and Lar stays in the spare bedroom while he is in town. Ellothiel meets Derrek Rush, who makes every experience interesting. Something more develops between Ellothiel and Lar, but Lar has to leave for a while. Ellothiel becomes pregnant with Derrek's daughter. Mendy dies, and Ellothiel laments all the children she has lost so far.

Chapter Eleven- "Snowflake Day".....Lomaraniel is born, and she eventually has her birthday. Idhren, Elwen, and Meldiron also age up. Goodbyes are said to Lar, and a surprisingly warm winter hits. Idhren gets married. Ellothiel unexpectedly has twin girls with Idhren's wife having her own daughter on the same day.

Chapter Twelve- "Burnt Letters".....Taking cares of the twins keeps Ellothiel busy, but the rest of her children are just as preoccupied. Ellothiel deals with pranks, mood swings, imaginary friends, and a man wanting revenge. She also becomes pregnant again and has more twins- boys this time. 

Chapter Thirteen- "Axel".....Both Lomaraniel and Serith inherit talents. Eloril sends a letter saying he's visiting again, and Ellothiel still cannot get in contact with Lar. Lomaraniel still has an imaginary friend even though she's a teenager. Meldiron moves out. Ellothiel becomes pregnant again so she won't have to worry once Eloril arrives. 

Chapter Fourteen- "The Arrival".....Eloril makes his appearance, and his surprise is bringing Elrundir along. Ellothiel watches gratefully as her father does what he can to love her children and the accept the world she's living in despite his own deep-rooted hate. The new family bonds, and enjoys the beauty of the land around them.

Chapter Fifteen- "Embarrassment".....Everyone gets used to the new family, although Elrundir won't leave the yard. Ellothiel gives birth with a minor bump along the way. A big birthday party is thrown for Lomaraniel, Serith, Tirith, and Sidhion. Ellothiel sleeps with another man to become pregnant again, and is embarrassed when Elrundir finds out.

Chapter Sixteen- "Radiant, Pure, and Lovely".....Ellothiel and Elrundir talk and work out their issues.The maid causes problems, a party is thrown, and Ellothiel discovers she's having another boy. Renduil, Rion, and Sidhion have their birthdays. Ortherion is born.

Chapter Seventeen- "Caught Up".....Serith and Tirith fight, Ortherion becomes a toddler, and Ellothiel is thankful for all the help she has. Elrundir getting out more makes her happy, but then she gets the call that Minai has died. She does what she can to be cheerful. Serith and Tirith have their birthday and move out. Ellothiel sleeps with another man.

Chapter Eighteen- "Unexpected News".....Ellothiel adds another baby boy, Isilmar, to the household. The rest of her sons have birthdays. Elrundir takes the chance to talk with a human woman, and he and Ellothiel discuss Lar. A great shock is given to the family when it is revealed that Ellothiel is pregnant with quadruplets.

Chapter Nineteen- "Four".....After a lot of trials, frustration, and heartbreak, Ellothiel goes into labor and gives birth to four boys- Elrelas, Henduil, Silmalad, and Alyan. It's all she, Elrundir, and Eloril can do to keep with with them. Sidhion ages up and leaves the house. The quadruplets also age up, and Ellothiel begins to wonder if having so many multiples recently means that her body is wearing down.

Chapter Twenty- "Tag".....Ellothiel is very stressed due to have four toddlers to look after at once leaving Isilmar to be left alone a lot of the time. There's more problems with the new maid, and the aliens come by for another visit. All of the boys have birthdays. Another son, Garthon, is added to the house.

Chapter Twenty-One- "Wishing".....Isilmar is a budding musician. After Garthon's birthday, Ellothiel becomes pregnant. She meets an alien who gives her a proposal, and birthdays come and go. One more boy is added to the household making Ellothiel wish that a daughter will be born soon.

Chapter Twenty-Two- "Daughter".....Ellothiel has problems with Andie over Rieldir's parentage. The truth eventually comes out. The boys spend a night in igloos at the beach. Ellothiel finally gets her wish for a daughter in the form of Cirabel. Garthon and the quads have their birthday, and the quads move out.

Chapter Twenty-Three- "Oddest Looking Dog".....Ellothiel, Elrundir, and Eloril all dote over Cirabel. Eloril takes in an odd looking dog against Ellothiel's wishes, and does his best to train her. Ellothiel becomes pregnant with another daughter- Elioviel. 

Chapter Twenty-Four- "Gone".....Summer comes, but Ellothiel struggles once again with dealing with the loss of her older children. There's more birthdays and things seem to cheer up a bit. Then Cirabel breaks her promise to Ellothiel, and ends up drowning after going into the pool alone. Her passing devastates Ellothiel, who leaves Aurora Skies to succumb to her grief.

Chapter Twenty-Five- "The Search".....Elrundir and Eloril discover Ellothiel has gone missing, and Elrundir leaves to find her while Eloril watches over the household. However, pain and anger cause problems for everyone. After a meeting with a unicorn, Eloril finds his hope. Things begin to improve. Then Elrundir calls saying he found Ellothiel, but he is slow to say whether he found her alive or dead.

Chapter Twenty-Six- "Compromise".....Elrundir and Ellothiel return with Ellothiel doing surprisingly well. The family slowly adjusts back to their old way of life, and Garthon and Rieldir move out on their own. Ellothiel, however, does not know if she can continue the task and comes up with a temporary solution. 


Chapter One- "Sunset Valley".....The family arrives at their new home in Sunset Valley, and things seem to change for the better in the friendly neighborhood. After a bit of delay, Ellothiel winds up pregnant again with another boy. Just after Elediril's birth, she receives the news that Meldiron has died.

Chapter Two- "Decision".....Ellothiel waits for the horrible depression to hit, but it never comes. She sees that she can continue the task, but that means it's time for Elrundir and Eloril to leave. Clint Gooden helps to make Ellothiel pregnant once more, and Elioviel becomes a teenager.

Chapter Three- "Fifty".....Ellothiel misses Elrundir and Eloril, but is glad Elioviel is doing well with her boyfriend, Mortimer Goth. Ellothiel gives birth to her fiftieth child, and quickly becomes pregnant with her fifty-first. An extension is added to the house in order for Ellothiel to continue to task at a proper rate. Noril is born.

Chapter Four- "Winter Festival".....Goddess intervention is suspected when Ellothiel is given another chance to quickly become pregnant. She takes it, but knows she needs to wait longer next time. The family spends Snowflake Day bonding at the winter festival. There's birthdays, and Morti proposes to Elioviel.

Chapter Five- "The Wedding".....Elioviel and Morti's wedding is held on the first day of spring. Ellothiel is truly glad to see her daughter be so happy, but at the same time she once again wishes to be married herself. Things quickly return to normal after the wedding. Ellothiel, realizing by the time the task is done she will have spent more time among humans, decides to keep the task going at a fast pace.

Chapter Six- "Out".....The children all spend time with their fathers, which Ellothiel is very happy about. She enjoys a night of freedom by getting out of the house alone. She gives birth to Niphredil the next day, and also becomes pregnant by Isaac Redd not too much later.

Chapter Seven- "Sneaky".....The spring festival is enjoyed by the children while Ellothiel enjoys the quiet house. She gives birth to surprise twins after arriving home from a visit from Elioviel's house. Elvaran and Analinde become toddlers. After sleeping with another man, Ellothiel realizes she's pushing herself too fast.

Chapter Eight- "Punishment"......Ellothiel wonders again why she got pregnant so quickly after giving birth. Raradia and Niphredil have birthdays which make things a bit easier for her. However, a misbehaving visitor and a surprising prank from Noril cause punishments and a slap to be handed out. Ellothiel gives birth to a boy named Delenmir.

Chapter Nine- "Issues".....Three birthdays are had in the household, and all sorts of issues arise afterwards. Raradia loves pranking people, and Elvaran and Analinde refuse to be separated. Ellothiel hears the words she has always feared hearing. Everything rights itself in the end, and another pregnancy is imminent.

Chapter Ten- "Doorstep".....Niphredil and Delenmir have birthdays. The children enjoy the fall weather. Ellothiel finds a stray cat at the front door, but the night of her daughter Linnatiel's birth she finds something even more dramatic- an abandoned baby boy. Ellothiel adopts the child and names him Rorion.

Chapter Eleven- "Competition".....Rorion is accepted easily into the family. He, Linnatiel, Elvaran, and Analinde have their birthdays. Then teenagers have a competition to see who can get the best grades before winter break. Ellothiel almost sleeps with the policeman who helped stop a robbery, but he backs out. The winner of the competition is declared.

Chapter Twelve- "Clowning Around".....There is a gift giving party, and some birthdays. Ellothiel meets a man named Penn Wiser who dresses like a clown, and he fathers her new daughter, Renia. Elioviel and Morti also have more children, and it is revealed Elediril's wife is pregnant with their first child as well.

Chapter Thirteen- "Way Off Track".....Penn has an influence on Linnatiel and Rorion, and his daughter grows up adorably. Elvaran and Analinde also have their birthday, and move out together. Ellothiel becomes pregnant just in time to refuse another alien offer for impregnation. Linnatiel and Rorion become teenagers, and Ellothiel realizes she's slowed down too much on the child bearing.

Chapter Fourteen- "The Truth".....Sind is born. After Delenmir and Renia's birthdays, Rieldir makes a surprise visit. However, the news he reveals to Ellothiel is something she never wants her adopted son Rorion to find out. The aliens return, and give Ellothiel a choice she can't turn down. In the end, she's forced to accept the truth of her situation.

Chapter Fifteen- "Unsupervised".....Ellothiel is so nervous about her new child's birth that she doesn't want to leave the house. After Melui is born looking surprisingly normal, Ellothiel decides to accept a free two-day vacation. Rorion and Linnatiel throw a large party as soon as she leaves. Things go well, but some things happen too. Linnatiel is left so tried she denies Renia's request to go to the festival. Renia goes by herself, and has a great time before returning home. Ellothiel returns to see everyone and the house has survived the weekend of no supervision.

Chapter Sixteen- "The Nigerian Prince".....Sind and Melui share a birthday while Ellothiel soon becomes pregnant again afterwards. Linnatiel and Rorion move out after graduation, and Renia has her birthday to become the lone teen in the house. After her new daughter Cethiel's birth, Ellothiel discovers that thanks to Sind falling for an email scam the family has lost all of their money. They have no choice but to sell the house, and move to a much small one instead.

Chapter Seventeen- "Starting Over".....It has been hard for the family to adjust to their new life. Ellothiel, Renia, and Sind do what they can to earn more money to save up to buy their house back. Melui and Cethiel have their birthdays with Sind eventually having his as well. Not being able to put the task on hold, Ellothiel turns to an old acquaintance to become pregnant.

Chapter Eighteen- "Looking Up".....Ellothiel is able to relax more when some money comes her way. There's still not much space in the house, but after Cethiel's birthday the children all enjoy their days doing various activities. Ellothiel goes on to give birth to another daughter whom she lets Sind name. She is later visited by a familiar alien who tells her all is well.

Chapter Nineteen- "History Repeated".....After Renia has her birthday and moves out, Melui and Cethiel enjoy their large yard full of snow. Melui and Arnin have birthdays, and the children have two snow days. Ellothiel becomes pregnant by Gilberto Gordon, and a familiar situation that happened long ago reoccurs. 

Chapter Twenty- "Treachery".....Ellothiel is forced to expand the house after the birth of her triplets, and sacrifices sleep and spare time to make sure her children all get her attention. However, things become drastically stressful when the aliens capture Ellothiel against her will to impregnate her again. After doing what she can to come to terms with the situation, she celebrates the birthdays of most of her children. She goes on to give birth to Navinai. 

Chapter Twenty-One- "Return".....Things begin to calm down in the Ithiennith household. When Ellothiel reveals the family almost has enough money to buy back the house, Sind works extra hard to earn that last bit of money. The family makes a successful return to their original house. Melui moves out, Sind decides to stay, and Ellothiel feels at peace again.

Chapter Twenty-Two- "Getting to Know You".....A robbery is foiled before it can even begin. After Arnin, Navinai, and Cethiel's birthday, Ellothiel decides she needs to spend more alone time with each of her children. So she does. After dedicating time to all of her children and learning quite a lot, Ellothiel discovers another child is on the way.

Chapter Twenty-Three- "The Good and the Bad".....Ellothiel spends time with Melui after getting a massage. A few weeks later, her new son is born. She finds out after the triplets' birthday that Sind is dating, but the good news is spoiled by a large fire where Sind catches on fire momentarily. The family takes a day off to recover. Spurred by the fear caused by the fire, Sind and his girlfriend decided not only to marry but to live with Ellothiel. 

Chapter Twenty-Four- "Daughter-in-Law".....Sind and Griselda have a small, private wedding ceremony. After Arnin and Navinai's birthdays, Ellothiel finds out she is pregnant again. Griselda reveals not too much later that she is pregnant as well. Two boys, Ithilas and Galir, are born. 

Chapter Twenty-Five- "Pressured".....Sind proves to be an excellent father, but Ellothiel notices that the household is now at its holding capacity with both her and her son having children at the same time. She meets a man at the gym who wants to have a child with her, but goes about it in all the wrong ways. After Lomenia, Lithaldoren, Lueth, Ithilas, and Galir's birthdays, she gives in to the man thinking there might a be a reason she needs to have a child with him. 

Chapter Twenty-Six- "Birthdays and Babies".....Navinai discovers more of her alien powers after much searching for a special rock. Ellothiel makes her own discovery- that she is pregnant again. She gives birth to a girl after Navinai and Ithilas' birthdays. However, Mr. Clemens demands that Eleme live with him. This is a demand Ellothiel refuses, which angers Mr. Clemens. Galir has his birthday as well, and both Lomenia and Griselda reveal their newest pregnancies. 

Chapter Twenty-Seven- "Escalation".....A quick arrival of winter gives the boys a snow day. Eleme has her birthday, and, after watching Sind and Galir, Ellothiel is left especially disappointed with Nigel's poor care of their daughter. Nigel even begins to threaten Ellothiel. She finds out a secret Griselda has been hiding after Calanon's birth. Nigel continues to prove what an unreasonable person he is.

Chapter Twenty-Eight- "Taken".....A fierce winter that continues into spring brings on more snow days. Ellothiel is happy Eleme had her birthday, but hates that her daughter now willingly wants to spend time with Nigel. The task is delayed when Griselda reveals an unplanned pregnancy, and the task is completely forgotten about when Nigel unexpectedly kidnaps Eleme- an act that reveals his truly unstable mental nature.

Chapter Twenty-Nine- "Recovery".....Ellothiel struggles with guilt and depression after Eleme's kidnapping. Even Calanon's birthday can barely cheer her up. When she is presented with the chance at helping to recover her daughter, Ellothiel makes sure to take that chance. She, Lithaldoren, and three other officers find the cabin Nigel and Eleme are hiding in after much work, and Eleme is successfully rescued.


Chapter One- "Twinbrook".....After Nigel's trial in which he is found guilty, the family recovers before they have to come to terms with the fact that Ellothiel, Ithilas, and Eleme will be moving due to Eleme's terrors over her kidnapping. The goodbyes are said, and the family of three arrives at their new home in Twinbrook. Ellothiel struggles for a while since she did not want to leave Sunset Valley, and has a few challenges before finding a man to help get her pregnant. When she sees how happy Eleme has become, she realizes the move was more than worth it.  

Chapter Two- "700 Years".....Time reveals that Ellothiel is pregnant again. In the time until the birth, she meets another man, Eleme has her birthday, and Ellothiel starts a garden. A son named Rithranduil is born. She worries about her children being overworked. After becoming pregnant again, Ellothiel laments during a trip to the beach of her age and how much time has gone by. Rithranduil has his birthday on the same day that Tinaldor is born.

Chapter Three- "Sudden Change".....The household is calm, and Ellothiel takes her next opportunity to try for another child. The attempt succeeds, and in the following days both Rithranduil and Tinaldor have their birthdays. However, Rithranduil suddenly becomes a trouble-maker and shuns the family. Ellothiel tries to figure out the problem, but Rithranduil is completely resistant to her. Menel, the daughter Ellothiel bore, has her birthday shortly before Ellothiel becomes pregnant once more.

Chapter Four- "Bitterness".....Ellothiel signs Rithranduil up for counseling since his behavior is getting out of control. She discovers she is pregnant, but all the stress Rithranduil has created causes the labor to be painful. Ellothiel is forced to let Eleme leave, and the happiness of Tinaldor, Menel, and Nonion's birthday is ruined by Rithranduil's continually escalating bad behavior after his own birthday comes. Ellothiel feels bitter at everything, but manages to temporarily push the feeling aside after a little time off.

Chapter Five- "Falling Apart".....Through what Ellothiel believes is Goddess intervention, she meets and sleeps with a man named Bootes Starr. Ellothiel begrudgingly accepts her new pregnancy, and enjoys the company of her other children. However, things with Rithranduil blow up one day when Rithranduil gets so angry that he hits Ellothiel. Tinaldor rushes him out of the house, and Rithranduil goes on to move in with Buddy. Ellothiel struggles to keep herself together. Pushed on a late night walk by one of her promptings, she meets Rithranduil and learns his girlfriend his pregnant. She pleads to be given the child so it won't be aborted instead.

Chapter Six- "Struggling".....After Menel, Elrandra, and Emethien's birthdays, Ellothiel is given Nora, Rithranduil and Kenya's daughter, to raise. Ellothiel does what she can to enjoy her days and brighten the mood of the house. More birthdays are had, which should have made things easier for her. However, bad events both small and large leave her once again in a depression- this time spurred on by her growing reluctance towards the task. Her older children know something must be done, and decide to send Ellothiel on a vacation.

Chapter Seven- "Summer Fling".....Ellothiel's vacation doesn't start off that hot. She doesn't know what to do with herself, and ends up being a babysitter for another couple's children. Then she meets a man named Wesley Bales, and the two spend an afternoon together doing all sorts of fun things. At the end of the day, Wesley asks if Ellothiel wants to have a summer fling with him. Ellothiel agrees.

Chapter Eight- "Make-Believe".....Ellothiel is surprised to find out the reason for Wesley's particular tattoo design. The two enjoy their first day of their fling, and that night their relationship grows closer. Either by coincidence or Goddess intervention, Ellothiel meets one of her descendents.

Chapter Nine- "Hopeless Dream".....Wesley and Ellothiel get to go diving, but a shark scare forces everyone away from the ocean for a couple days. They and Raine use the time to explore and goof off. An impromptu wedding at the resort results in Wesley asking to have a child with Ellothiel, but she harshly rejects the idea. Though the two make up after their argument, Ellothiel wonders if they can continue to be friends without taking things too far. During their second dive, something goes wrong and Ellothiel nearly drowns.

Chapter Ten- "One Chance".....After recovering from her terrifying experience, Ellothiel decides to give Wesley one chance in the future to get her pregnant. She, Wesley, and Raine make the most out of their last days of vacation, but eventually have to say goodbye. Ellothiel has a happy reunion with her children. After which, life continues on as normal. 

Chapter Eleven- "Success".....Ellothiel visits Eleme and her son, and Ris has her birthday. Wesley and Ellothiel have a wonderful date and last night together, but find it hard to make the shift to being only friends. Ellothiel distracts herself by focusing on the crushes Emethien and Nora have. Elrandra and Emethien have their birthday, and the new set of twins is born. Nonion leaves the house after his birthday.

Chapter Twelve- "Warning".....Nora, Ris, Amonost, and Adonnen have their birthdays. It is shortly after winter begins when Ellothiel is sent to take a walk along the coast where she meets Rithranduil. He explains the reasons for his behavior, and reconciles with the family. He also gives Ellothiel the news that he has spotted a man watching the family. Ellothiel isn't too worried, and continues on with the task.

Chapter Thirteen- "The Presence".....The household undergoes a lot of changes. All of the children have birthdays, including the new son, Cadrier, Ellothiel goes on to give birth to. While at an outing at the spring festival, Ellothiel senses the presence of the man Rithranduil warned her about. She gives chase, but he escapes. Ellothiel realizes she truly doesn't sense danger from him, and lets the whole incident leave her mind.

Chapter Fourteen- "Giving In".....Ellothiel hurriedly sleeps with another man when she realizes she forgot to become pregnant again. Life continues on merrily, and Amonost and Adonnen have their birthday. However, an incident sparks Wesley to try and convince Ellothiel that they can be together. A falling out ensues, but in the end Wesley gets Ellothiel to admit what she truly wants for her life. 

Chapter Fifteen- "Changes".....After a bit of preparation, Wesley moves into the household. There are some changes which Ellothiel has to steadily adapt to. Ris and Tridia have their birthday, and Ellothiel then has a son named Thralas. She experiences some problems when a letter from Eloril arrives and when Amonost and Adonnen reveal that they want to move away from Twinbrook. Ellothiel manages to deal with everything, but is confused when a strange bout of nausea strikes her.

Chapter Sixteen- "Hidden".....Ellothiel discovers she is once again pregnant by Wesley, and struggles greatly with her worry and panic that she'll be punished again for delaying the task. After Amonost, Adonnen, and Tridia's birthday, Elemir is born and Ellothiel is comforted. However, when she chooses to become impregnated at the hospital and not mention this to Wesley they have a huge fight as Wesley reveals he can't stand how Ellothiel is continually hiding things from him.

Chapter Seventeen- "Dwindling".....After more fighting and some cruel words from Wesley, Ellothiel and Wesley manage to reconcile their fight and bring peace into the household. Two new additions are made to the household as well- a puppy named Lenn and a baby boy named Maldor. However, Eleme's death caused Ellothiel to realize her time on the human side of the wall is rapidly dwindling. She cheers up when the family comes together for a feast party to celebrate being the family that they are.

Chapter Eighteen- "What Next?".....Lenn and Maldor have their birthdays, and grow close. Winter comes, but things heat up for a few certain people. The household is then shaken when alien triplets are left on the porch. Ellothiel knows she has no choice but to take them in. More birthdays come, and Ellothiel feels a little overwhelmed. 

Chapter Nineteen- "Strange Dreams".....Wesley truly becomes old, which causes both him and Ellothiel duress. Ellothiel faces more hardships when she has to deny Eloril's request for him coming to visit. After many days pass normally with a few small incidents here and there, Ellothiel becomes pregnant again. The alien triplets also have their birthday, but Ellothiel realizes something serious is happening with them and the other aliens out there. She knows there is little she can do about it, and goes on to give birth to Naldir.

Chapter Twenty- "Departures".....Elemir becomes a teenager, and Wesley beings spending a lot of time with him since he knows he'll die before seeing much of his adult life. Wesley and Ellothiel then go on a date when Wesley realizes he's been neglecting her. Aneviel, Anemir, and Anadien begin acting strangely again so Ellothiel tries to spend time with each of them to combat whatever is going to happen. In the end, her triplets depart having their own special purpose in life to fulfill. Ellothiel is devastated, but is even more so when Wesley has an accident. 

Chapter Twenty-One- "Letting Go".....Wesley was not seriously injured during his fall, but has to remain in the hospital for weeks due to other complications. Things grow tough for the family when Wesley returns home, and the truth is shown that he won't last much longer. He convinces Ellothiel to have one more child before he passes. Ellothiel becomes pregnant, and the household is peaceful for a time. Ranna is born. Ellothiel wakes up next to Wesley that night to discover he took her advice, and let go. 

Chapter Twenty-Two- "Continuing On".....A funeral is thrown for Wesley, and Ellothiel grieves. However, she is able to move on due to her lack of regrets. Elemir, on the other hand, struggles more. An heirloom passed down helps lift his spirits. Time flies by in the household. All the children have birthdays, Elemir and Maldor move out, and Ellothiel gives birth to twin girls- Aewen and Alcarien. 

Chapter Twenty-Three- "Headache".....Ellothiel becomes pregnant against despite her own reluctance. After Lenn's death, she realizes why she was reluctant- she is pregnant with twins again. Aewen and Alcarien have their birthday, and Delerith and Delindir are born. However, the crying of the four gives Ellothiel a constant, painful headache.  Things only get worse when Urelia, Ellothiel's mother, and Eloril unexpected show up as Urelia gives Ellothiel more trouble than help. 

Chapter Twenty-Four- "Rebelling".....Ellothiel takes Urelia to the art museum at Eloril's request in order to clear the air between them. Things improve, but lunch makes things difficult again. Time passes peacefully enough until Ranna's birthday when the style of her clothes sets Urelia off again. Ellothiel then rebels against her mother by wearing a shorter dress and showing off that she slept with a man. A sort of peace comes over the household when Eloril causes her to feel guilt about her actions. Urelia tells the story of Ellothiel's birth and name.

Chapter Twenty-Five- "Secrets, Part One".....Ellothiel and Urelia ignore each other until the birth of Ellothiel's new son soothes the tension and helps to bring them closer. However, the peace does not last long. Urelia attempts to thwart Ellothiel's progression of the task, leaving Ellothiel furious. When Urelia finds out Ellothiel slept with the man she had been trying to keep her away from, an argument begins and the secrets start pouring out. 

Chapter Twenty-Five- "Secrets, Part Two".....After pondering her thoughts for a while in her room, Ellothiel seeks out her brother's comfort. He finds him with Urelia in her room. What Ellothiel hears about Urelia's true feelings towards her is devastating. The next morning, she attacks her mother before demanding she return home. Eloril takes Urelia to the airport, but a call comes revealing horrible news.

Chapter Twenty-Six- "Trapped".....Ellothiel wakes up in a room decorated in elven fashion, but it is still a cage Silas has prepared for her. He intends to keep her there forever in order to maintain her "purity." Ellothiel contemplates various means of escape, but all prove difficult to achieve. It doesn't help that Silas has a gun, and is willing to be violent with her if he has to. After doing what she can to remain calm, Ellothiel's emotions eventually wear her down. 

Chapter Twenty-Seven- "Long Day".....After a blessedly deep sleep, Ellothiel wakes to start her first full day of being kidnapped. She is constantly plagued by boredom and frustration. However, her slipping away into a state of sleep causes someone who is supposed to be dead to appear. Ellothiel believes the encounter to only be part of a dream. The day continues on in its dull manner, Ellothiel has trouble falling asleep, and the dream figure appears again.

Chapter Twenty-Eight- "Passing Time".....Illusion Wesley continues to make appearances when Ellothiel starts to break. Her stomachs grows as spring turns into summer, summer turns into fall, and fall turns into winter. Things like playing the violin and the dog named Ralfilas that Silas brought her stop her from going crazy from boredom. Ellothiel gives birth to a son named Andethon on a snowy night.

Chapter Twenty-Nine- "Overwhelmed".....After throwing a fit for being kidnapped for a year, Ellothiel begrudgingly accepts that she is firmly stuck in Silas' grasp. She slowly grows used to be a prisoner, and barely even notices on the second anniversary of her being taken that two years have indeed passed. She enjoys her time with Andethon, and knows she'll get out when it's time for her to be rescued. As it is, Ellothiel is rescued several days later. However, though she escapes Silas' cage, her condition is worse than ever.

Side Story- "A Mother's Guilt".....Urelia recalls a peaceful day out in a small field with her mother and father, but laments on how the memory always shifts to the moment of their murder. Seeing Ellothiel when she was young always brought up that memory due to Ellothiel's strong similarity to Urelia's mother. After struggling with her guilt, Urelia becomes determined to do whatever she can to prove to Ellothiel that she does actually love her. 

Chapter Thirty- "Confusion".....Ellothiel wakes up in the hospital, remembering nothing except memories from back when she was a young child. Everything- the task, the existence of her children, what happened to her- has to be explained. However, a questioning by the police jobs a bit of her memory, which causes her to accidentally put Eloril in a tough predicament.

Chapter Thirty-One- "Blackout".....Ellothiel feels a familiar pull from one of the hospital room, and has a conversation with Elemir where she learns a lot.After some testing and napping, Ellothiel meets the children still living with her. However, it is discovered that she will blackout and lose memories if she doesn't get enough rest. Two more weeks pass, and Ellothiel is finally able to return home. 


Chapter One- "Riverview".....After adjusting a little to her old life, Ellothiel finally prompts the reason for Urelia's and Elrundir's actions out of Urelia. They all managed to come together and forgive. The family then prepares for the move to the new town- Riverview. Ellothiel begins to feel more confident. Elrundir then reveals he and Eloril will be leaving soon, but not before Ellothiel and Eloril go on a little trip of their own.

Chapter Two- "Memory Lane, Part One".....Ellothiel and Eloril begin a trip in which they visit all the places Ellothiel has been before. Ellothiel doesn't initially have high hopes about the success of the trip, but has some strange experiences while in Appaloosa Plains. The two go on to visit France and Monte Vista, but Ellothiel begins to get tired.

Chapter Two- "Memory Lane, Part Two".....Ellothiel and Eloril continue their trip. They have a rather uneventful time in China, but experience a bit of conflict in Sunset Valley. Ellothiel learns something surprising about Eloril in Isla Paradiso. However, both her reappearing grief for Wesley and her dread at visiting a certain place in Aurora Skies almost breaks Ellothiel for a second time. Words from a mysterious source and a strange event at the cemetery both comforts Ellothiel and returns her memory to her.

Chapter Three- "Ironic".....The good news is well received when Ellothiel and Eloril return home. Elrundir and Eloril then leave for home shortly afterwards, and Ellothiel uses the last of her children's vacation to reconnect with them. Urelia then reveals to Ellothiel that she and Elrundir had taken Ellothiel up on an offer she had only been sarcastic about. 

Chapter Four- "Envy".....Both Ranna and Andethon have their birthdays, and the news of Urelia's pregnancy is revealed to Elrundir on his next visit. It is decided that Urelia and Ellothiel's new siblings will live with Ellothiel for the remainder of Ellothiel's time completing the order. Ellothiel eventually begins to feel envious of her sibling having Urelia's love from the beginning, but mostly feel envious of her parent's relationship seeing as how she has been left lonely after Wesley's death. Ellothiel, Urelia, and Ranna all give birth. Ellothiel then finds out that both and she her mother gave their daughters the same name. 

Chapter Five- "Indecisive".....After getting her parents' letter, Ellothiel decides to change Abrien's name to Abriel. She and her parents eventually get a laugh out of the situation when Elrundir, Urelia, and Abrien return. Ellothiel deals with hormonal teenagers, a few birthdays, and a coincidental meeting with a man who already knows her. She debates on whether or not she could conceive through normals means or follow Elrundir's instructions to only use artificial insemination. Ellothiel then receives some worrying news about Ranna. 

Chapter Six- "The Choice".....Ellothiel continues to fret about who she will listen to, but soon decides to listen to the Goddess. She becomes pregnant with Marty's child, which doesn't please Elrundir. The family works out a solution though. There's more birthdays and little happenings. Ellothiel gives birth to a daughter named Gellrin, and sleeps with another man. 

Chapter Seven- "Nine Left".....It turns out that Gellrin takes more after Urelia than she does Marty. Ellothiel helps Aewen and Alcarien with some drama before it is revealed that she is pregnant. Time passes by, Thoronton ages and leaves the house, and Ellothiel gives birth to a boy named Erumaren. However, his birth depresses her when she remembers that she only has nine children left to give birth to. Elrundir's visit cheers her up, but Ellothiel decides to hold off continuing the order after all of her children have birthdays. 

Chapter Eight- "Delaying".....Despite it being time to have another child, Ellothiel ignores the this due to her desire to extend the task for as long as possible so she won't have to face losing all of her children. She starts to feel real pressure and guilt when Urelia tells her she can't ignore reality forever. Elrundir likewise convinces her that it is better for her to do things at her own pace. After throwing a party where Aewen goes into labor, Ellothiel decides to conceive again after holding her new granddaughter. She goes on to give birth to what she suspects is her last set of twins.

Chapter Nine- "The Introduction".....Ellothiel worries some more after another series of birthdays occurs. Elrundir and Urelia then take Abrien to the elven lands for a visit, and Eloril brings along the woman he is courting, Erien, when he comes to see Ellothiel next. Ellothiel goes on to conceive again.

Chapter Ten- "Inferno".....Erien and Ellothiel grow closer, but Ellothiel wonders if Erien's visit has a higher purpose than what it seen on the surface. Celendel and Celenia have their birthday, and Ellothiel becomes pregnant after Eloril and Erien leave for home. She gives birth to another daughter. The household remains peaceful until a massive fire is found blazing away inside the house.

Chapter Eleven- "Moving Forward".....The family has to live separately after the fire until the new house is completed. Gellrin faces guilt over being the one who inadvertently started the tragedy. Ellothiel struggles with losing her mementos of the people she's lost, but moves on when she remembers that she has to focus on the joys in front of her. There are more birthdays, and Ellothiel keeps moving forward by trying for another child. 

Chapter Twelve- "Reconsidered".....Erumaren moves out, and Celendel and Celenia work towards their interests. After Ellothiel becomes pregnant, Isebrilia has her birthday. It is when Anawen is born that Ellothiel starts to think that the slow growing of elven children would drive her crazy if she didn't have elven children of her own. However, she reconsiders her thinking after realizing that Celendel and Celenia are already so close to graduation. 

Chapter Thirteen- "Busy".....Ellothiel wonders if she's ever actually been truly happen since Elrunamir's death when Maldor and Naldir die. She forces herself to be as happy as she can be for her children. All of them having their birthdays keeps her busy, as well as her having to fix all the plumbing that breaks. Ellothiel then conceives a child when she realizes she can't delay or she'll end up stopping the order for good.

Chapter Fourteen- "Planning".....Despite Elrundir's best intentions, his attempt at planning Ellothiel's homecoming eventually prompts her to realize that she would rather not have her family around during the last years of the task. Urelia and Abrien return home because of this. Scared with the knowledge that Ranna will not live much longer, Ellothiel ploughs ahead to conceive her ninety-ninth child.

Chapter Fifteen- "Desperation".....Eloril comes to visit, but things fall apart after his departure. Ellothiel struggles to be truly happy about Elradith's birth, Ranna passes away, and Ellothiel's attempt at conceiving her last child goes horribly wrong.

Chapter Sixteen- "100".....When her children keep dying, Ellothiel struggles greatly. She wonders if she'll ever have the strength to give birth to her last child. The birthdays of her children only depress her further. It takes stern words from Eloril to get her taking action again. Ellothiel musters up the courage to sleep with Winston, and eventually does give birth to her final baby.

Chapter Seventeen- "Completed".....Ellothiel has a bittersweet day at Saviel's graduation party. Delindir passes away soon afterwards, and time truly rushes by Ellothiel. Andethon passes and Minia, Elradith, and Lemerion all become young adults. Lemerion and his wife, Cora, decide to live with Ellothiel. Ellothiel does what she can to comfort herself as all her children keep on dying, but she nearly breaks when Lemerion is the only one left. Nature runs its course and he dies as well, leaving a very broken Ellothiel to be collected by Elrundir and Eloril. 


Chapter One- "Home".....Ellothiel is glad to meet old faces and old places, but she realizes that she will having a hard time fitting in when she has been so changed by her experiences. After she enjoys a ride on her new horse, her mood is killed by the insensitive words of one of her friends. Eloril reveals there might be more to the task than Ellothiel giving birth to children.

Chapter Two- "A Proposal".....Ellothiel's welcoming home party goes better than expected. She reconnects with an old suitor, and Erien makes a surprise appearance. Talking to Erien helps Ellothiel make the decision that she does want to change the views of her people. She eventually comes up with the idea of taking groups of elves across the wall to reacquaint both worlds again, but not all feedback to her idea is encouraging. 

Chapter Three- "Revelations".....Ellothiel takes a group of elves to Sunset Valley as a test run for her idea of bringing the elves and humans closer again. The outing goes smoothly. Ellothiel finds that Pemir's interest in her increases greatly afterwards, but his motives for pursuing her might not be the most noble. Not long after discovering that truth, an even larger revelation shocks Ellothiel's world. 

Chapter Four- "Answers".....The truth of the conversation Ellothiel had with the mysterious someone after Cirabel's death is revealed. That person turns out to be the one meant for Ellothiel, and they instantly embrace their feelings. The two spend the winter bonding and working through Ellothiel's grief. In the spring, Eloril has his own answer to seek out.

Chapter Five- "Peace".....Eloril and Erien happily wed. Ellothiel worries about what she might experience when their first child is born, but when Tirilonn and the Galuiel come along she realizes the emotions she feels are determined by her own choices. The time then comes for her and Laril to wed. Ellothiel is overcome by peace by their bonding, but worries once more when she takes the plunge to become pregnant.

Chapter Six- "The End".....After a long labor, Ellothiel gives birth to her children and only daughter with Laril. She is named Rynan after Urelia's mother, Rynania. Ellothiel and her family live on as the years pass. She continues to keep trips to the humans lands going, and visits Elrunamir's grave on his birthday. Life appears to have to found its new normal. However, Ellothiel and Laril are woken up early one morning to discover to the true ending to the order.


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I have one, rather minor thing to say. The synopsis of what happens in each chapter listed. I already know the big points happening, so it really not only takes some of the suspense away of what you'll read about (What gender will this baby be? Will this chapter be more about the personal aspect, or keep going with getting pregnant?), but also makes me wonder why I should read when I know what's gonna happen.

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