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Gen Three- Chapter Thirty Three

I blinked hard and let several good, long seconds pass in order to give the figure before me a chance to disappear. Me just imagining the whole situation felt like it would be a lot easier to handle, although then I had to worry about my mental health again. However, the girl remained. The silence grew thick with tension as she awaited my response while I couldn't understand how in the world I was supposed to handle something like this.

     "Have you been hiding out in my brother's room?"

Best to start simple.

     "Yes." the girl mumbled quietly.
     "How long?"
     "A-About two months now."
     "So you're the one who knocked over the lamp. Merlot was probably lying about his music player being broke too."
     "Yes," the girl hung her head, "Merlot gave me a printout of everyone's schedule so I could know when I could come out safely, but you kept being home at unexpected times."
     "Come out? Come out from where? There's nowhere to hide in here."
     "For the first few days, I hid under the bed. Then Merlot lied about needing space so he could he could get the wardrobe for me to more easily duck inside."
     "How can you hide under the bed though? The sides are way too low. I saw Merlot stuff the wardrobe full too. How is there room?"

The girl led me over to the bed, and, with a great heave, tilted it enough for me to see what I'd never known before. The sides did drop low, but they were only buffers. There was enough space for someone the girl's size to squeeze in. Then she took me to the wardrobe where she opened the doors to show me how now only the high top shelf contained my brother's stuff.

     "The bed worked temporarily, but it's too difficult for me to lift up and roll under with any sort of speed. Merlot only filled up the wardrobe to trick everyone into thinking it was full so no one might think it being a hiding place if they started to suspect someone was around. He just filled it up with empty boxes."

Gen Three- Chapter Thirty Two

A deep churning of fire burned my stomach almost as much as it ravaged its way up my arms and down my legs. The amount of weight I was using for my workout was nothing compared to what Gilly and Confetti could handle, and even then I had to take a heaving break between each rep to make sure my body wasn't falling apart. Perhaps it made more sense to decrease the weight further, but with how pitiful the number already was I really didn't want to admit defeat. I realized bitterly that I would have to stop soon anyway lest I be useless the rest of the day.

    "Oh, it's you over here," mom spoke as she suddenly approached from the arch, "This is new. Not even Gil gets up this early to workout."
    "Exercising is best done in the morning, and I have to head out earlier than she does." I replied.

I held my breath to create the illusion the strain on my muscles wasn't absolute agony. However, the sweat on my skin and that my lungs refused to be silenced broke that immediately. Mom gave me an amused, studious look that caused me to cringe.

     "You wouldn't be trying to get more fit to look better for a certain someone, would you?"
     "No," I refused firmly and stubbornly, although my cheeks already burned brighter, "It's just remember the reason Arbor gave when he had me start running before he left. That I'm healthy but mostly coasting by on good genetics. I have to put more focus on maintaining myself, so I thought I'd pick up the habit of trying again."
     "Yet it is only once he's here again that this motivation has returned?" mom prompted knowingly with a giggle.
     "Think whatever you want." I replied with a little too much bite.

Mom's expression softened instead of hardened, and, thankfully, she let the teasing stop as she took my snap in stride.

     "You do seem happier now that he's back though. It's good to see."

Gen Three- Chapter Thirty One

The frigid air cut right through me, but I enjoyed every brush of its icy touch. My mind hadn't stopped spinning all night. Despite being calm and doing the right thing with Blaze, the endless questions bludgeoned around in my mind even though they had no place to be there. I kept imagining all the ways the situation could have gone wrong. I double-guessed every action or perceived wasted second. Heck, I even fretted about potential downfalls that were out of my control entirely. The big one my stupid mind played over and over again was imagining grandpa's car hitting a patch of ice and skidding off the road with all us inside. That's why I didn't mind the winter wind. It refreshed my body and caught those annoying thoughts without mercy.

It helped that everything was fine too. Blaze fell asleep last night stable and content as if nothing ever happened. Grandpa and I came again this morning for a nice, long visit. He remained inside, but I'd eventually been ushered on my way. A simple text to let Gilly know I was coming back then froze me in a way the wind never could.

I notice the time.

It's already eleven. Arbor's plane should have landed at eight, which meant he'd gotten home around nine. Three hours. He'd been back in Berrybrook for three hours. He was so close My fingers quivered as I scrolled down my message history. For whatever reason, I thought I'd seen his name near the top with words waiting to be read. His name, in fact, sat far down on the list with words he'd sent long ago that'd been read but never responded to. Hurriedly locking the screen, I pocketed my phone and moved on my way. What an ass I was. How could I be disappointed his first thought wasn't to get in touch with me?

Gen Three- Chapter Thirty

For the first time in several weeks, Apple and I arrived at my house on time. It'd never been so hard as it had been this past semester to be punctual. The difficulty of my college courses meant I had to wait long amounts of time after class in order to be able to ask my professors questions while my classmates also tried to do the same, and Apple, as dad's apprentice at the bookstore, had a never-ending list of things to do. Since we almost always carpooled nowadays, that meant the severity of our lateness increased even more. One would think the arrival of winter break would make the whole thing easier. However, I naturally took what classes I could during the holiday season as well. I'd gotten some rest around Christmas, but now that it was the new year I was right back at it.

     "Ah, looks like your mom and dad got around to taking down the Christmas lights." Apple easily noticed while we trudged towards the front door.
     "Yeah, but it also looks like Merlot once again couldn't be bothered to shovel the walkways like he was told. That boy has gotten so unmotivated as of late." I sighed.
     "Teenagers, huh?" Apple chuckled.
     "I was never like that when I was his age."
     "But you're you, Dia. No one can match that."
     "Well, he can at least try."

Apple shrugged in amusement and grandly opened the door for me in order to make up for my brother's lack.

CMW Characters' D&D Classes- Part 1

As I'm still dealing with various situations over on my end, there's still not a CMW update this week. I do have something for you guys though. I've done a post in the past showing off my D&D characters made using this doll maker. I thought it would be fun to take some CMW characters, specifically some from the First Generation, give them classes, and dress them up to match. The classes aren't what the characters themselves would choose to play, but what classes I feel the characters fit given their own personalities, hobbies, and backgrounds. Some came out wonderfully, and some I had to compromise on due to the limitations of what the doll maker provided. Hope you find them fun! As always, click on the pictures to view them in their full glory :)