Friday, September 30, 2016

100 Majesties- A 100 BC Update #24

With such a crowded house, keeping food in the fridge is a constant struggle. Lynette found several moments of peace, however, where it was just her, the stove, and the delightful aroma of the many meals she prepared that would get them through several days at least.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Color My World Behind the Scenes #4

When going around aging everyone up after the first arc, I noticed that the Yonders had adopted a cat. I normally get rid of autonomously purchased pets because I've had trouble with them getting in the way before, but the kitten had come with the name Coal, so I felt obligated to let it stay. The thing was pretty adorable too.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Color My World Questionnaire-Survey Thing!

Now that two full generations have been completed for Color My World, I thought it would be fun to get some feedback/reactions from everything as well as ask what everyone would like to see in the future during this time I'll be doing short stories. Answer whatever you want. Skip whatever you want. Provide explanation for your choices, or don't. It's all up to you!

-Generation One or Generation Two
-Ethereal or Coal
-Favorite Character(s) from Gen One
-Favorite Character(s) from Gen Two
-Favorite Plots
-Plots You Didn't Like So Much
-Characters That Could Have Been Better Written
-Things That Could Have Been Fleshed Out More
-Any Issues With the Story in General
-Favorite Canon Couple(s)
-Favorite Non-Canon Couple(s)
-Names and Their Associated Color(s) You Would Like to See Used
-The Goddess' Order or Color My World

Now is also the time to let me know what kind of side updates you'd like. Are you interested in getting cute picture spams of a certain couple? Do you want a crossover with TGO and CMW characters? Is there an event or moment from any of my stories you would want to see made into a short story? Do you want to see a 'what if' situation played out? Seriously, any kind of idea you have post them and I'll take them into consideration.

Here are some brief examples:

-Picture spam of Ellothiel and Wesley
-What would have happened had Eden pulled off his original idea at 'rescuing' Ethereal
-Seeing how Coal and Desire managed their first day after faking their deaths

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Current Plans For the Blog

So, with Generation Two of Color My World coming to its end (and I want to thank you all again for being patient while I struggled with feeling unwell), that means there going to be a bit of change in routine. I would like to say that Generation Three will be coming before too long, but I had to make a decision about how I'm going to continue Color My World. I love the story to death and do plan on continuing it. However, it was has become such a major distraction that prevents me from working on my actual book that I hope will be the work that allows me to become an author. For the time being, the main story of Color My World is going on a hiatus until Tales of Lerathian (you can find samples of it in the Original Stories tab) is in a more progressive state. My idea of what that is is the first draft being fully done and me potentially talking to people who can assist me in the steps beyond.

That being said, I have no intention of letting the blog go completely inactive. In addition to me finishing the much less work intensive 100 Majesties and the Starr generation of The Perfect Genetics Challenge, I will also be updating the Vampire Coven challenge going on on my Tumblr. There's also a million ideas I have for short stories for Generation One and Two of Color My World as well as The Goddess' Order. They will be similar to the one I did with Eden and Hunter. The goal is to publish at least one update per week, although there will be no set day of release. I'm sorry for the disappointing news, but I've let my hobby get in the way of my career for too long. I hope you'll stick around, and I'll post news of my progress every now and again.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Gen Two Epilogue

I could hear the music all the way from my car. It would be way easier for me to leave the two I had with me in said car as getting them in and out of their seats was a massive pain, but I knew that today would be a difficult day to collect the ones inside. As great as Coal's little dancing sessions were for tiring out Tangerine and getting her to nap without resistance, it also got her in a great huff when I came to interrupt her most favorite kind of fun. Sure enough, after I struggled with the car seats I spotted her bouncing and twirling around through the window as I walked up the familiar front steps.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Gen Two- Chapter Forty Two

When Buckeye had me ground under his figurative, and sometimes literal, heel, there had been a sense of weakness that accompanied the situation. When I laid there in the hospital for weeks while finding the simple task of breathing a great chore, that had come with another kind of weakness. I was experiencing yet another version of the sensation at this moment. It was mid-afternoon, yet I couldn't believe it. All that time we spent in the courthouse felt like it took up an eternity. There had been papers to sign, seats to sit in for ridiculous amounts of time as our case kept getting pushed back due to other cases going over, the actual meeting with the judge that included me having to be in a room with Mimosa for almost way longer than I could handle, and the repercussions of the judge's decision, which included a bit more paperwork and a series of unique new emotions.

We delayed going home, because Uncle Al and Aunt Dahlia were taking Mimosa straight home. It seriously was the most awkward thing having this tension riddled case with the other when we could so easily see the other person through our respective front windows everyday. Getting away from the stress was next to impossible, which was why dad had had the smart idea to take all of us to Mr. Mosaic's bookstore. It was empty at this time of the day, I had a nice corner to hide myself in, and the rest of my family had items they could use as excuses to keep themselves away from me.

CMW Chapter 42 Coming Today

It will be out later this afternoon. Thanks so much for waiting and being patient. I've really been struggling to feel well the past couple weeks, mostly due to my allergies thanks to my brother's dog but also because something went wrong with the air conditioner in my room. Mold began growing in there after it rained heavily a few times. Chapter 42 is almost completely written though, so expect it in a few hours. It is indeed the last full chapter for Gen Two, but the generation will officially end with the short epilogue that will be released tomorrow. Hope you enjoy both new installments!