Monday, March 28, 2016

Gen Two- Chapter Twenty

I frowned as I searched through the final drawer in the downstairs restroom. I picked up several boxes. All but one of them were not what I needed in the slightest, and the one that contained what could have been used had a very big problem with it. It got tossed in the trash immediately. Sighing, I closed the drawer and pressed my forehead against the wood. Lunchtime was only just slowly creeping up on us, and I was already exhausted. A headache was forming in my temples as well. The tingling ringing that then echoed throughout the house was the main source of that. The sound had been going non-stop.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Playing with Colors (Women)

This is the companion update to this fun little post I did back in November. I originally tried to do the women's half at the same time as the men, but Ethereal's white skin was causing problems with all of the ladies having that glow on them even after they were no longer white. Thus, I decided to use Meadow's green instead. Forgive the fact that their expressions are bit stiff and weird. I used a moviemaker pose to have them hold still, and I wasn't paying attention to how awkward it looked until after I was done.

Once again, to start off we have Ethereal/Meadow, Sunset, and Sunflower in their true colors.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Chapter Nineteen

Holly locked her determined stare on mine as tightly as I locked mine on hers. This was all out war, and I was not planning on losing. I would not subject myself to the torture that would bring.

     "Why don't you just go ahead and back out, Vivid?" Holly taunted, "I'll make it worth your while."
     "There is absolutely nothing you can give me that would have me willingly throwing myself under the bus. Even a hundred dollar gift card to Zero's or the like won't make me budge." I declined stubbornly.
     "There's a possibility that could actually be arranged. Remember, you do love the food they make there." she lured me, tilting her head at just the perfect angle.
     "You're seriously willing to spend one hundred freaking dollars just so you don't have to do the works cited page for your project?" Uncle Al, lazing about on the couch nearby watching television, balked in stupefied awe, "I don't think I raised you to be like that."
     "You haven't seen how many sources we have, and you don't know what our teacher is like." Holly pointed out to him with so much genuine dread that I burst out laughing.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Gen Two- Chapter Eighteen

There was only two ways this evening was going to go. Barely acceptable or badly. My money was on the second outcome. It was true I was smiling to myself in the mirror, but that was because I had been forcing myself to smile for the past half hour or so. If you put on a happy face, your mood increases naturally on its own. That's what they say anyway, right? It was what I was hoping for as I got ready. I figured the majority of my outing would actually be just fine. It was the choice I would have to make at the end that was causing my palms to sweat.

     "Well, at least I look alright." I mumbled to myself, adjusting my collar as the nerves coursing throughout my body had it feeling like it was strangling me otherwise.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Gen Two- Chapter Seventeen

I cursed Uncle Eden. He was one of those obnoxious types of people who could get up early in the morning and be super happy for some reason. This had led to him refusing to let mom sleep in most of the time, which had trained her to be able to tolerate mornings more than the average person as well. That, in turn, meant that mom also refused to let us sleep in too. She had poked and prodded me until I was forced to rise even though I stayed up late to do a good portion of my homework exactly like she asked me. I had no choice but to get dressed, but mom was thankfully content to leave me alone after that. I'm sure she thought I would go about my day, but what I actually did was pop downstairs to grab an apple to fool her into thinking I was moving about when in reality I placed the apple on my nightstand before collapsing right back onto my bed. Sleep didn't take long to find me. Annoyance found me quickly too though when ten minutes later my phone ran incessantly. I sent the call to voicemail at first, but the person called again. And then a third time.

     "Yes?" I asked with a sickeningly sweet voice at whoever was there when I picked up on the fourth call.
     "Oh, good, I got you," Mimosa answered brightly, completely oblivious to my sarcastic friendliness, "I was wondering, Coal, are you busy?"
     "Since it's 8:30 on a Saturday morning, not really." I responded.

I did try to hide the tired taunting in my voice as much as possible since I knew Mimosa certainly wasn't attempting to be bothersome on purpose, but my exhaustion caused a hint of it to slip through.

     "Great!" she exclaimed, still oblivious, "Would you be interested in meeting up with me soon then?"

Friday, March 4, 2016

It's My Birthday! (#4)

Aaaah! XD

Each time I do one of these, it feels like only last week I made the previous one. I'm beginning to not like it, haha.

Anyway, that's all I had to say! :D