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Color My World Short Story #1

     "We thought he was going to come out and kick our asses."

I followed behind Hunter as we walked out of the stadium. There had been a baseball game earlier, and the two of us were some of the last to leave. It was purposeful as we wanted to let the traffic die down before we tried to make our exit. We had spent the time swapping stories, and Hunter was right in the middle of telling me how he and some of his childhood friends accidentally broke a bat in half while practicing pitches. The flying half of the bat soared right across the street and through the window of the brand new house that had been built by some rich businessman who had just moved into town.

     "He was angry, of course, but he was also impressed that we were able to pitch and hit at such a level that breaking the bat was possible," Hunter continued, "The guy was a total baseball nut. He played a short inning with us before saying that he did expect us to pay him back slowly over the summer for his window whenever we had some money come our way. It was the most infuriating thing having to give up my allowance when I had been one of the ones on the sides only watching, but we ended up building a good relationship with our new neighbor. After the window was paid back for, he took us to almost all of the home games for that season. We got into the VIP booths and everything. Even now, I remember that being one of the funnest parts of my life."
     "From what you've told me about this and those other two stories of stuff getting majorly broken when you were around, I'm beginning to think you either have very bad luck or that you're cursed." I joked.
     "Eh, well, I can't deny either," Hunter chuckled, "I wish I could, but now that you mention it practically all of the stories I like to tell to involved something breaking in some way. I either do just have that bad of luck, or seeing things get smashed to pieces are the main things this brain of mine thinks important enough to remember."

Quick Little Note

Hey everyone! Hope the holiday season has been good to you! I know it's kept me very busy what with much more hectic work days and family coming over to visit. Because of that, I wasn't able to finish a CMW chapter for tomorrow despite my best efforts to do so. Honestly, over this past week I've barely had time to turn on my computer let alone spend the many hours it take to get pictures and write the content. I do have a little something for you though. Most people didn't find the Christmas special too cheerful for some odd reason (^.^), so you're going to be getting a much more touching short story of Eden and Hunter bonding after their initial meeting instead. Hope you enjoy it!

All I Want

"I don't want a lot for Christmas"

Gen Two- Chapter Seven

It had been a long week at the beautiful islands, but it was already our last full day on vacation. We would be spending time together as our one big group in the afternoon, but for that morning the girls had gone off to do their thing while we boys went another way to do ours. Most of our time had gone into fast-paced activities like speeding around at the new go-kart track. Now, however, we were slowing down for a nice of lunch of, surprise, hot dogs at Uncle Sap's favorite spot on the islands before we were due to meet up with the girls.

     "I can't believe that more people don't come up here or even know about this place." I remarked as I glanced at the picturesque pond and brilliant view we had from our elevated position.
     "I know! Even the majority of locals don't bother with this area. Although, I suppose I should be glad. This spot wouldn't be as enjoyable as it is if it was full of people and tourists like the beaches and shops are." Uncle Sap recognized.

Gen Two- Chapter Six

The salty scent of the ocean wind rolling off the waves crashing onto the shore was both familiar and entirely foreign at the same time. I had lived next to the ocean my whole life, but being in a new place was making the experience exhilarating again for me. I'm sure there was something simply a little different in the air and water in Tropic Luna too though.

I never would have guessed that the question Aunt Purity wanted to ask my mom was if she could take me, my friends, and mom on a vacation to the popular islands. Mom had said it was fine for me to go, although she had declined to come along herself. Her morning sickness was just not letting up. She did want to join the rest of us, but the idea of spending half a day on a crowded airplane with her stinking up the isolated space due to her vomiting made her nauseated in itself. Aunt Purity had given her a bunch of free passes to one of the spa parlors the Spring family owned. Uncle Frost and Aunt Sunflower had come along instead to help keep an eye on all of us kids.

As I watched the four adults talk, I had to avoid letting embarrassment wash over me. The idea for this trip hadn't sprung up out of nowhere. Uncle Sap and Aunt Purity thought it up because they knew mom was feeling down, but also all of the adults had grown concerned over me. I had heard the word "depressed" be whispered a lot among them in the days following my little adventure to the grove, for Midas, the little snitch, had told his dad about me crying. That information had been quickly passed on to my mom, which had led to me getting a lighter lecture and punishment than I would have gotten, so I suppose I couldn't be too mad at my friend. I knew the depressed everyone was talking about wasn't the one that meant I was simply sad for a time. Mom had even hinted that she would want me to talk to some counselor or therapist or whatever if I didn't perk up on my own relatively soon.

Gen Two- Chapter Five

I hadn't looked at the clock in hours, and it felt like it had been that long since I last moved. During that first week of dad's disappearance it had been next to impossible to stand being in my room for even short amounts of time. However, ever since I overheard mom's startling confession lazing about dismally on my bed had become my new favorite pastime. I was highly glad there was still a decent chunk of summer vacation left. All I could focus on was what I heard. Homework would be too much of a pain to try and handle too.

On one hand, I understood everything perfectly. Putting together mom's and Uncle Blaze's words, there was no denying it. Dad had been doing something illegal. He was poking around in something no normal person would dare to touch, and there had been people on the other side ready to pounce if he messed up and revealed himself. Unfortunately, he had gone ahead and done just that. So, that was that. There was the other part of me though that simply couldn't wrap my head around it. Dad? Dad of all people, my dad, was involved in something like that? It didn't fit with the person I knew him to be at all. I wanted to know more. I wanted to understand better, but I obviously wasn't going to be getting any answers. I shouldn't have even known what I knew. Mom was still pretending to be hopeful. If she wasn't going to come clean about that, there was no way she would explain everything to me if I admitted I had been eavesdropping.


A call of my name and a solid knock on the door made me jump.

     "You can't stay in there all day. You've had plenty of time to mope over the weekend. You need to come eat some lunch since you couldn't be bothered with breakfast." Desire instructed like the determined kind of sister she generally was.
     "I'm coming." I muttered reluctantly, not caring that my response was not audible to her in the slightest.

Cake Decorating

So, I work at a K-Mart bakery. My normal work consists of packaging the products, putting them out on the floor, and generally taking care of the customers. Around Valentine's though, I started getting more involved with the cake decorating aspect of the bakery. It began with me putting the frosting on top of cupcakes, and it has progressed from there to the point where I can do a basic number of things. Our lone cake decorator decided to take a second vacation after having one only two weeks ago, and, unfortunately, she left us with practically no decorated cakes to put in the display case for the week she was gone.

We held up okay for about two days, but I walked in on Tuesday seeing all the empty spots knowing how those awful kinds of customers you get in retail were soon going to start throwing fits about there being no sheet and 8-inch round cakes. (I can whip out the torte cakes and cupcakes that fill up the rest of the case no problem.) With it being really slow thanks to everyone still finishing up their Thanksgiving leftovers, I had a good couple hours to put the skills I had learned to the test. I couldn't do the fancy flowers or stuff that our cake decorator normally puts on for decoration, but with various borders, a few ribbons, and lots of sprinkles I think what I did came out as acceptable.

The baby/smash cake got a basic design of a loopy shell-type border on top (don't know the 'technical' term for most of these things) and a normal shell border on the bottom. Threw some sprinkles on there, and it was good to go!

Status: Sold! It was the first one to sell too.

100 Majesties- A 100 BC Update #21

Lynette's father came over for a visit, but Hunter was apparently not interested in helping watch over his three new granddaughters. Sitting in the nursery playing with their toys captivated him more.