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While it felt like the summer lasted forever, everything has been moving so quickly since then. I was astounded when it was time for Ris' birthday again. My adorable, cheerful little toddler changed into an adorable, cheerful little girl. The only time Ris isn't really cheerful is when I make her go outside. She has grown a dislike for the outdoors, which I naturally cannot understand. It boggles my mind how anyone cannot find the beautiful world of nature that gives birth to everything we use an amazing gift with which to be grateful for. Ris stubbornly stays inside though. I make sure then to keep her productive and active in order to make up for her lack of movement and exercise.


My desire to visit Eleme had been strong for some time, but it took me longer than I liked to get the chance to see her. Eleme was just so busy with work, and with her schedule being ridiculously sporadic it was difficult to pin down an appropriate time for me to pop by. One calm afternoon finally came to her though. Her husband was out, but I was glad just seeing her and little Jasen. While Jasen does have Eleme's dark skin and hair and our family's green eyes, it's clear as day that he takes after his father when it comes to the structure of his face. Jasen is a quiet fellow, but you can understand by his expressions that he understands a lot more than his soft demeanor lets on.

One Chance

I woke up several hours later in my resort room. It was around mid-afternoon, and Wesley was lying there close to me. His eyes were closed so I expected him to be asleep, but as soon as I moved he sat up in a flash. I knew the malfunction that had happened with my gear which he told me about was not my fault, but I couldn't help but to feel guilty for worrying him so much. I think I worried him a bit more when I tried to tell him about the chest. Apparently, there hadn't been one. I was confused as it had seemed so real. I suppose the lack of oxygen affected my brain a lot faster than I realized though.

Wesley was adamant about us not going diving again. With the sharks and then this, there had just been too much bad luck. I agreed. I did, however, go swimming not long after I woke up completely against Wesley's protests. The fear of the water was settling within my chest, and I had to get over it sooner rather than later. I wasn't very worried about my safety since I felt perfectly fine after all that sleep and Raine was with me the entire time. We did have to spend a fair amount of time sitting at the pool bar drinking some juice first though before I was comfortable with actually swimming. In the end, I was glad I pushed myself. The fear was quickly forgotten.

Hopeless Dream

It was after several more days of practice and training when Wesley determined I was skilled enough to do some actual diving. I was excited when he gave me the good news, but nothing but nervous once it came time to put the gear on. All I could think about was the gear breaking or something going horribly wrong. Wesley reassured me time after time that nothing would happen. Even if there was an incident, he would be there to help me out.

It took us a while to get the suit to fit properly over my head. My ears hurt too badly being pressed so tightly, but it was difficult finding a way to poke them out without absolutely ruining the material. They really do get in the way sometimes. However, Wesley and I were successful at finding a solution. It was time to dive. I followed as Wesley led the way.


I woke up before Wesley the next morning. I showered and dressed, and the lights were still off in his room. I decided to go ahead and have breakfast so he could sleep some more. Apparently, this was the wrong thing to do. Wesley was not happy I hadn't woken him up. I had gone ahead and had what should have been our first meal as an official unofficial couple together without him. As a result, I had a second breakfast. I didn't mind since I really do love the resort's food, and I thankfully hadn't eaten all that much the first time around.

It was incredibly warm that morning. It only made since to start the day off at the beach snorkeling. I waited while Wesley got the gear, and when he showed up I spotted the tattoo on his shoulder that I had completely forgotten about. I naturally had to ask Wesley the particulars about the design. Well, he started, I had made a brief mention the day before that my name related to a type of flower. So he had gotten a flower design. The green was for my eyes, the lilac was because it was my favorite color, the white was because I had this pure aura around me, and the black was simply to hold it altogether.

I stared at Wesley in confused amazement. He couldn't actually be serious about all of that. Wesley was perfectly serious though. I couldn't believe him. That tattoo was permanent. Why on earth had he thought it would be a good idea to base the whole thing around me? Wesley repeated what he had said the previous night. Meeting me had helped me more than I would know, and more than he was ever going to let me know. The tattoo ensured that he had a way to think back to good times once we separated. I still couldn't get the whole thing to make sense in my head, but I had to just accept what he told me. It's not like there was any way the tattoo could be changed.

100 Majesties- A 100 BC Update #6

With the triplets all taught and time passing by, Emmeline knew she was able to become pregnant once more. She had a little trouble finding someone she thought was acceptable, and eventually realized she was being too picky when it came looking for potential fathers. She met this guy. I didn't bother with his name at first. However, I took the time to look him up and he is Joe MacDuff.

Since Emmeline compromised on having a good-looking guy, she was determined to at least have him be a Supernatural. After throwing a potion at Joe that made him friends with her, Emmeline threw a Witches' Brew potion.

The Lucane Family in the Sims

(I would suggest to anyone who hasn't read the chapters and excerpts I've posted of my 2013 NaNoWriMo novel, Tales of Lerathian, to go and at least skim through the prologue to familiarize yourself with the characters you'll see in this post.)

I've been wanting to do this for a while now, and I've finally gotten around to doing it! This post is centered around the main family in my most recent NaNoWriMo novel who I decided to make Sim versions of. At first, I only wanted to create the house. However, I couldn't make the house and not have the ones who were supposed to reside there. So Alar, Mareiel, Jân, Elle, and Nika were Sim-ified!

Just a little note, I have not mentioned the surname of the family in the story yet. As you might be able to deduce from the title, the surname is Lucane.

First up is daddy Lucane- Alar! I created his name randomly in my head, and only afterwards found out it was an actual word. "Alar" means to have wings or to be winglike in shape. I was very pleased at how well the meaning of his name relates to him as a character. Firstly, his meeting Mareiel allowed her to find her freedom to fly away from the world that constricted her and discover her true happiness. "To have wings" also brings to my mind the image of Alar himself having wings, and thus I occasionally take it one step further and personify him as an angel. Angels are known to be protectors and be unfailingly good- which pretty much sums Alar right up.

In terms of his appearance as a Sim, he and Jân are the ones I'm most pleased with.

Summer Fling

I had a hard time believing where I was. I also had no idea what to expect from the vacation that had pretty much been forced upon me. I can say though that when I arrived in Islo Paradiso my emotions, instead of being dark and frustrating to deal with, became a blank state instead. I took it as a good sign- an opportunity to shape myself back into the happy person I wanted to be. I actually managed to sleep well that night before I left, but I did have to wake up early to catch my flight. Tinaldor would be at the house all the time while I was gone, and I was going to be a gone a whole two weeks. Ithilas drove a weary me to the airport where I promptly fell asleep after I boarded the plane. An arraigned taxi picked me up to take me to my resort, which was one of the best on the whole island. I got to my room in a good mood.

Until I discovered something absolutely horrible.


I heard back from Rithranduil after several weeks of fretful waiting and being left in the dark. I was nervous when the phone call came, but I was mostly relieved when it was over. Kenya was alright with letting me keep their child since she knew me somewhat, and because I was the child's grandmother. What didn't leave me relieved was that Rithranduil hung up right after he gave me the anticipated due date. He didn't call again, and he wouldn't answer any of my calls. He always hides or sneaks out when I go over to Buddy's house. Like always, I felt hurt.

I ignored the hurt though when Menel's birthday came. It has been interesting and addicting in a way to watch her grow and change, for now she looks much more like herself than her father. Menel has truly come into her own. She was sad before since she wasn't able to do that much to help when everything seemed to be falling apart, so now she takes tasks and chores on readily. She makes sure our large yard is kept up with, there is always something to eat thanks to her, I have constant assistance when taking care of Elrandra and Emethien, and she even helps me do the paperwork for the bills.

Falling Apart

Tinaldor, Menel, and I spent a long time at that pond. I continued to skate the whole time, but Tinaldor and Menel used the fresh snow to build a family of snowmen after they grew bored with circling the pond. The sun started to sink below the horizon. However, I didn't want to go home just yet. I let Rithranduil know I was taking his siblings out to dinner. The bistro we wanted to go to was absolutely packed, and though we were so hungry we were willing to wait until we could get a table. The meal was well worth it. Our order was also initially gotten very wrong, and we dined for free because of the major error.

Tinaldor and Menel went right to bed without even changing out of their day clothes they were so tired. I went to check on Nonion before I slipped off to bed myself. Nonion was sleeping peacefully in his crib having been well taken care of. Rithranduil remained awake in his room. I went in there to thank him. Silence was my answer. I repeated my thank you, and I was told to go away.

So I did.