Thursday, January 30, 2014


I signed Rithranduil up for counseling.

I had to do something, and it was the one thing suggested to me over and over again. Rithranduil's pranks on me were getting to the point where he was causing me small amounts of pain. He would constantly scare and terrify Tinaldor and Menel thinking he was being funny making them scream their heads off. His time at school, which Rithranduil had seemed to enjoy, became another problem area as he started acting up and skipping frequently. Talking to him doesn't help. The more I tell him I love him, I'm concerned, and that I want to help the angrier he gets. Trying to be tough by reprimanding and punishing him is also pointless. Rithranduil ignores all my words, and never does his punishments.

Ithilas told me I should send him to military school to straighten him up. How could I do that? Rithranduil was happy, but then he changed so rapidly. Something had to have happened that I missed. I didn't feel that shipping him off to a place such as military school would be a good reinforcer that I wanted to help. It would surely only make him think that I was trying to get rid of him. That's why I went with counseling instead. If he wouldn't talk to any of us, perhaps Rithranduil would talk to someone outside the situation. I desperately wanted my happy little boy back.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Sudden Change

There was a time when I used to meditate a lot. I liked getting outside to sit on the grass and soak up the sun while I let all thoughts wash away. Then things got busy, and I broke the habit. I've tried various time to pick it back up, but it has only been recently that I've succeeded. Even if I am extremely tired I am somehow able to clear my mind. As a result, I can fall asleep faster and easier. Things really haven't been too bad with Rithranduil and Tinaldor, but it's been a while since I've had to deal young children who constantly need my care by myself. I relied on Sind and Griselda for so many things, and I didn't even know it. Having my two sons to look after is a fun kind of challenge though. The kind of busy I am is the kind of busy I like. I'll spread myself a little thinner when I do go ahead and have my next child soon, but I'm waiting just a little so I can have the a crib available instead of having to pull out another one, which would ruin the nice set-up of the nursery I have going on now.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

700 Years

My first child born here in Twinbrook will be a boy. I was impatient to know, and so I got the ultrasound as soon as possible. I noticed this pregnancy a lot faster than I normally do. It had been while I was getting a massage at the spa that the touch of the masseuse just felt different, especially when her hands lightly brushed against my stomach. From there on I kept an eye out, and my suspicion was correct. I was happy to be having a boy even if I hadn't had much of a preference on gender this time around.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Eleme's visit to the hospital proved what I thought- that she was in good physical health. She was a little malnourished and somewhat sleep deprived, but after two days those issues went away quickly. Though this was naturally a good thing, the following weeks were still tough as we had to deal with Mr. Clemens' trial. He was found guilty, but escaped jail time again because of his condition. The ruling was that he would spend a good five years at a special holding facility for other individuals like him with him then being heavily monitored after his time was served. Eleme and I were free to move on after the sentencing finally happened. Everything, for the most part, became happy again. Calun had his birthday and graduated from high school. He was easily able to get a decent job at the stadium because of his hard work towards strengthening his body, and he promised before he left for his new place that Eleme only had to call him if she needed him to beat up anyone for her.

Monday, January 20, 2014


I became barely consolable. After Lithaldoren left and the police began working on the case, there was nothing else I could do but wait. And wait. And wait. This only made the overwhelming guilt nearly crush me until I was completely flattened. Things became even worse when I realized I couldn't fully blame Mr. Clemens. It wasn't his fault he is like he is. His body just doesn't work right He literally could not understand that was he was doing wasn't right, and that he wasn't actually doing what's best for his daughter. 

It was my responsibility as the rational person with the properly working mind to make the right choices. It was all on my shoulders, and I failed miserably. Now my little girl could be hurt, or possibly something much worse could happen. I could not go through that again. I just couldn't. I shouldn't have become so complacent about a situation I never should have looked away from. Then I felt bad that I was monopolizing Sind away from his heavily pregnant wife as he was the only one who can make me feel somewhat decent. I even made it hard for the others what with my random collapsing into tears.

Thursday, January 16, 2014


It's hard to believe just how stormy this winter has been. I've seen ones this bad before, but they're few and far between. We have scarcely seen any blue sky let alone the sun. The clouds are always gray and low-hanging. The snow falls so fast and so often the town can barely keep up. Calun, Ithilas, and Galir have had snow day after snow day. This means the school is actually considering keeping classes going later into the summer. Of course, the boys are complaining about it. Now they're seeing all these days off do have consequences. There has to be equality in all things. Thankfully, the winter season is almost over. I do so miss the sun and my garden.

Monday, January 13, 2014


The snow came quickly. It was one of those instances where there was nothing on the ground when I went to bed, but there was a foot of the white stuff the next morning. Naturally, school was cancelled for the day after such a storm. The boys were overjoyed to have the whole day off. They made the walk in the badly cleaned sidewalks to enjoy the winter festival that had recently been set up.

I believe Calun got the most enjoyment out of their time there. He's certainly become something of a daredevil ever since he had his birthday. Now he does all of these extreme things- like eating dirt to freak Ithilas and Galir, and me, out. While I am glad he has become more active and involved, I worry a bit about this new attitude. I just don't want him to go too far and accidentally hurt himself. I suppose as long as he keeps to the relatively safe activities like snow boarding at the festival, which he is quite good at, he should be fine.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Birthdays and Babies

I found myself going to the consignment store very frequently. I don't think one day passed without me making a trip there. I got to know the workers and other frequent shoppers well. I went so often because Navinai always begged me to take her. She knew she was looking for something very specific, but she didn't know what exactly it was. All she could tell me what that she would know it when she saw it. Well, she finally saw it. The object she had been searching out was a space rock that had been dropped off just that morning. Though it was a little expensive, Navinai eagerly used her savings to purchase it immediately.

While she was distracted making her purchase, I also might have been secretly buying another bottle of wine for myself. The store carries ones of surprisingly good quality.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

100 Majesties- A 100 BC Update #5

Charlie had his birthday, and turned out absolutely adorable. I wish Emmeline would have had multiples with her alien friend so we could have more adorable alien tots to gush over. I am actually very glad that the alien color didn't get glitched away this time. I think the green suits Charlie much better than normal coloring would.

Monday, January 6, 2014


Sind is an incredibly doting father. Griselda gushes to me all the time about him and how he is so wonderful. I simply smile and listen when she goes on and on. I know how he is. He has grown up quite responsible because of that little fiasco he caused. Sind also has lots of experience helping to care for his younger siblings so it's no wonder taking care of Galir comes naturally to him. I am truly glad I get to witness his and Griselda's transitions into parents first-hand. One more of my wishes has finally been fulfilled.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Sind and Griselda's wedding was quite unlike Elioviel and Morti's. The two of them barely wanted a ceremony at all. They told us we didn't even have to dress up if we didn't want to. I dressed up, but the rest of the children didn't. Sind and Griselda truly didn't care. That's just how they like things- simple. We had a small private ceremony in the backyard. Though the wedding was performed in such an unusual manner, it was sweet and intimate and I teared up the same as I always have.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

TGO New Years Special! Behind the Scenes 2!

In the last Behind the Scenes post created in celebration of The Goddess' Order one year anniversary, I went through all the pictures I had taken of the goofy things my Sims had done since I started the challenge. I have gathered even in just these past few months more than enough pictures for another Behind the Scenes update. Thus, I am uploading this as a special surprise New Years update. Don't worry. You'll get the normal update tomorrow as well (:

We start pretty much around the same time where we left off last time. It is the day of Elioviel and Morti's wedding...

Which Ellothiel clearly wanted to upstage. She pulled out a quick session of poses I've never seen from her before or even seen in general. It was unexpected, but very fun to watch. I think she is trying to look like a model or something here,

but the whole thing quickly goes derpy.